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~Collection Update, Customs, Wants and Slashed Prices on Ebay Auctions~

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.44.43 PM
It has been such a busy week flying to and from NY to CA  but now that I'm finally home again and I've taken pictures of all my parcels waiting for me. It's time for another update. This is wee collection update for most of my gets for April! They're customs galore, Megas, Pokecen goods and of course SYLVEONS. Check it out!

First off, I got my package from SunyShore not too long ago. I was very excited that the starter evo's received pokedolls. They're pretty flawless, the only thing I can complain about is Chesnaught's spikes are flat but oh well. I feel like Greninja is the closest one to look like a "Classic" Pokedoll. I'm pleased Delphox is smiling and is sitting. I was hoping they'd figure out a sitting pose for her.

image-1 copy
Their pokedoll art looks more like pokedolls than the dolls. I wish Chesnaught had a bigger head and shell like the art shows. XD Super cute. They're extremely soft and a great size for a DX. If you were contemplating to get one, I'd get one. They're very high quality and worth it. Now that I have these guys, I'm thinking I don't need their first form dolls since they were pretty much place holders for these guys. I'll be selling those later.

image-2 copy1
Also from SunyShore I got this bundle! I tried soooooo hard not to buy anything from the Espurr Wanted! Promotion. I love Meowstic Male and he was a member of my team but EEEGH. I must not collect you. DX Only a few items Meowstic! A FEW! But.....I caved and got myself the keychain plush. ;3; It's similar to my Pokecen plush but the tag and cute blue ball chain. I really wanted the big plush but no, Tara. No! No Psy kitties for you. You have Mega Absols and Hawluchas this summer.

I got the mega charms for my boyfriend who loves Mewtwo Y and Charizard X. They're very sleek and I love how they come with their mega stones. I also caved and got a Charizard X plush. It's a very reasonable size. Not too big for me since I need to save up on room. He's in a cool pose and his details are great! Love the wings and fire. I also bought Charizard Y but when I received him, I wasn't too keen on the pattern. He looked a little off to me and I came to the conclusion to sell it. I, personally just wasnt happy with it. It will be up in my next post along with an extra Charizard X.

;3; I've been waiting FOREVER to get my DX Chu. He is so soft and and and I love him and he's so different compared to my DX Fuzzy Chu and I love the pastel look and feet and tag! AH! Adorable. I accidentally bought two by mistake so you'll see one for sale in my next post. I also decided to get a couple of twin petite Raichu plush! Those feet and big ears. ;3; They were quite a nice surprise. The ears and tail are fleece while the body is minky. I couldn't pass up those teeny feet but I think what I love most is the tag art. *U* Raichu's proportions are SO cute on the tag art. I wish they made a giant plush of him in that style. ;3;
My Mega Absol collection is coming along nicely, still waiting on my kids and various pokecen items. I can't wait for the figure keychain to come out and more once the movie hits. The mega charms are so awesome. I'm a little bummed normal Absol didn't get a new pose but oh well. And the Mega stone is bigger than I thought it'd be! Absol's mega stone reminds me of toothpaste. XD I've updated my Absol collection tab with all my new mega items.

My newest Sylveon gets! Not that much now but I have a lot on the way. I just didn't want to wait anymore. XD
Things pictured are, the new pink XY wash cloth, Sylveon VS. cards, the XY pencil tin with Sylveon, Eevee Japan McDonald's Toy. One of the McDonald's boxes. A XY pokemon Magazine that came with a Eeveelution pull out poster, a DVD of the Sylveon movie short. AAAAAND these:

I won a few Sylveon items and saw this was added in my package. ;3; It's the last Sylveon tape I needed to complete my set. *Sobs* THANK YOU. I was so happy when this popped out of the package. I thought I'd never find it. It's so small and pink and ugh! Finally! I absolutely adore surprise gifts like this. Especially, when comm members know I've been looking for them for awhile. <3333

Another item I've been looking for ages! I had no idea there were more than one pen this promotion. I thought for the longest time there was only one. BUT I saw that there was a pen version AND an mechanical pen version. The only way to tell them a part is the backing is cream and green and the tops are different shapes. NOW iI have both and all I need are two more items to complete this promotion ONLY TWO! (Cell Phone Case and Postcard set)

EDIT: Forgot to add these! I wanted to do a review on them.

HUUUUGE TOWEL! I just got it the other day! Oh, man. Look at this monster! Noivern kid for size comparison. This is probably bigger than all those lap blankets pokecen has. So cute! I call this line the bow and ribbon promotion. X3

I also got the long towel version but since it's packaged a certain way I can't display it. These are both high quality and worth the purchase! Only Pika and Eevee sharing the spotlight but Sylveon is more than half of the towel so I'm okay if she shares. XD

I also found this really cool bootleg Sylveon wallet at a toy fair near my house. I've never seen it before so I had to get it. It was a decent price and it's a pretty big wallet. The other side has Umbreon and Espeon on it. It's super cute!

Onto CUSTOMS!!!!!

I got more custom gets than official gets this month. *U* I thought I'd highlight them before I get more and it becomes too overwhelming.

First off I'd like to show off this cute little boy.

OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD! EEEEEEEEEE! I've been waiting patiently for this guy to be completed. It took longer than I thought. I had to nudge the artist for an update and they took a break from it for awhile. They just needed to do the ribbons. AAAH XD After another update it was done and he was shipped. BUT NOW! He's with me!!! Ah! SO HAPPY. The artist is pulsefirekitten. Those eyes! The smile! The chubby ears! Everything is just PERFECT. It is made of minky with embroidery eyes, it's 16 inches tall and the ribbons are in a floppy style. Such excellent detail. Yet another amazing shiny Sylveon to add to my customs. I have quite a few and it will continue to grow. I have more in store next time. ;3

Attached to a ribbon on my Shiny was this cute custom made Sylveon pin!

I know others have posted about these but I wanted to talk about them as well!
These! These are the cutest little coin purses I've ever seen! I've always wanted a custom made item from SerenitySamaa and now that she's on the comm I had the pleasure of doing a trade for these beauties! They are GORGEOUS! I absolutely love them. They're silky soft and the zippers match their colors. They're surprising big! They were at least 2 sizes bigger than i expected but I can hold more items in them knowing that. Such excellent craft! They look very similar to the Trozei style which I adore. It gets me hyped to get my next custom from the artist soon. :D

ITS SO FLUFFY!!!!! This is the fluffiest shiny Sylveon you will ever see. EVER! SO FLUFF. It's done in such a unique and adorable style I just had to get a Sylveon. The artist is angelberries and the work they've done in the past for other pokemon is just too irresistible to pass up. They made one normal and this one. :3 It's in a fluffy teddy bear style meaning the head, arms and legs are all jointed! I can make him lay, sit, run anything! The ribbons are made in a different material and are really thin and floppy. Great for posing! It also has a cute teddy bear nose. The bottom of his feet have little blue paw pads. And the bows! The BOWS! They are like clouds. I'm so happy to have gotten this plush. Totally worth the wait. <3333

Another custom I couldn't pass up was this hand custom of Sylveon done in the "Littlest Pet Shop" style. I used to collect them when I was younger and I still nab a couple blind bags here and there. I found someone who customizes adorable Pokemon versions of them. So when I saw Sylveon it was a must that I get it! The artist was so nice to reserve it for me. She's made one before in the past but this one is hands down much cuter than the first. The eyes are perfection! And I love the little pawpads and tongue. X3 She even included an amazing painting of the figure! Made by PiasLittleCustoms

No fairy collector is complete without a Fairy energy custom! This is SO cool! It's a die cut pin in the shape of a fairy energy! It's made of a pink plastic and has a pin base in the back. They pinned it to a hand made energy card backdrop. X3

image-1 copy121
All my laurakitazawa charms finally arrived! I have both versions of their shiny Sylveon they made and one Shiny Breloom who is so sturdy and shimmery. The standing Sylveon is so tiny in comparison to the others. XD I had no idea until I sat them next to each other. These are really well made, glossy and extremely detailed for how small they are. Great additions.

Here's another set of fairies and shrooms. These were a surprise get I thought would never happen. I was very fond of AgentDoppelnuller's pokemon bead figures. They never had them up for sale, they would just make them and keep them for themselves. Then one day they decided to sell all their preexisting figures and I nabbed two of my main collections! They are CRAZY amazing. I can't stop holing these and admiring the craftsmanship. Every bead in the exact place they need to be. They got the shape of their forms exactly and It's stunning how they could accomplish that in beads and thread.

AAAAAAH! I'm in love with these patches! SO IN LOVE! I always wanted a plush from babylondonstar...she is one of my holy custom grails but getting these are the next best thing. I'm just so happy to own something from her. She decided last month that she had extra embroidery thread and made a limited batch of patches for her friends. I couldn't pass this up so I asked for all my main collections. XD They're done in the trozei style while the Sylveon are done in the dream world style. The quality in her work truly shows and I'm so proud to own these. I'll be using extras for a project I'm working on.

All my fairies. <3333333

My newest lucha babies! I'm blown away I got my two main Kalos collections in bell plush form! And not only that but their shiny variants as well!!! Flag only makes a Pokemon once and if both versions are taken they never make them again. ;3; I got Hawlucha! Aaaaah! So excited for these and look how freaking cute their little legs are! I love the eyes and painted fingers! They're shimmery and soft and jingly and I seriously lost count on how many custom bell plushes I have. These customs will do until July hits. I'll be swimming in Hawlucha merch soon enough!

image-1 copy222
And lastly and most surprisingly. This Custom made Shiny Goodra Plush! I know, I know. GOODRA? Tara collects Goodra? No, I don't but I just couldn't pass up this plush! It was just calling to me. It's beyond cute, extremely well made, the embroidery is top notch. I saw it and said, I had to get it. Shiny Goomy was one of the first shinys I caught in XY. I evolved it and used it a bit post game. The colors are gorgeous. This will be the only Goodra item I'll be collecting and it is the ultimate in my eyes. I'm satisfied. I love it. There ya go. XD The artist is

More pics because its so cute.

It's about the same size as a DX pokedoll. So if they ever made a Goomy pokedoll this would be perfect! He fits right in with my other DX's.

image-6 copy88
And one more pic with my big customs.


As much as I'd love to get all my money back on these items, I just can't have them in my house anymore. They take up most of my guest room and they need to go. So, I've decided to do a major price cut on all of my lots! All starting as low as $100. Please give these a good home. Most of it is Eeveelution and Pokedolls! Some very sought after items too. Click the image to be transported to EBAY.

Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 2.46.45 PM



***The Gold Variant XY Sylveon Coin. This is my highest want right now. I've been looking non-stop for this. I'd even be willing to buy more boxes in bulk just to find this. I haven't found anyone selling these anymore. Can someone help me? Would someone sell me this? I have a couple gold coins to trade or I'd be willing to pay big bucks instead. I just want to get this coin. I've spent $100s just TRYING to get it. x-x

Also, is there any Australian or Euro comm members who are willing to pick up this Sylveon plush? I want it for the different tag. :> Please let me know!

All my other wants can be found here:


Thanks for looking! Happy collecting.


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