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Payments required & advice

Hello to all! I come asking for payments from the following people:

scarsofsunlight : $11.50 for Tentacool Jakks plush
torakaka : $4 to cover shipping for Oddish Jakks plush

I have already contacted a couple of other members regarding payments, so that should take care of everything.

On another note, I got a seriously crack cute shirt from kaygee84  a couple of days ago. Problem is, it's a shirt made to fit a very small child. I'd say a 5 year old or younger. ;_; He won it off of Y!J along with a little angrychu plush. :3 Since he can't decipher what was said in the auction, he had no way of knowing the size of the shirt. So, he took a chance knowing that I'll love it no matter what. ^^ Anyway, we had some ideas at to what I can do with it. We were thinking of cutting out the designs, then sewing them onto a shirt that would fit me. Sound good? Any other suggestions would be great. Here are two pics showing the back and front of the shirt:

Isn't it just too adorable~!? :3

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