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Collection Update! Mini Gets Post! +Teapot Reminder and Commissions are open!

I have a super wonderfully awesome collection update! I got my very very first MWT Pokedoll! You can probably guess who it is...but go ahead check it out under the cut~! :D

I was so excited I forgot to say thank you! Thank you so much prnzs for doing a last second (literally XD) pickup for my Bunnelby gets!! Thank you thank you thank you!! I love these things so much! <3333

photo1 (3)
Went to the mailbox to find three packages waiting for me! :D I pretty much squeed when I saw the mailer with the Japan customs label on it because I knew exactly what it was XD

photo3 (3)
These stickers are so preciously tiny! <33 But I love them! Especially the ultra tubby Dusclops! Too adorable!! <33 I knew they existed, but I thought it'd be a while before I found them, glad I could nab em! :D

photo2 (3)
I started off with the envelopes, first was this awesome Dusclops lenticular! I love the teal colors!!! An awesome tubby mummy get <33

photo4 (4)
Now to the mailer...Basil's bunny senses are tingling!

photo5 (2)
Ooo a Pokecen bag..that's a good sign!

photo6 (2)
EEEEE, I've been looking for this since I started collecting! I didn't think I could get one MIP!! It's so precious and detailed!! <33

photo7 (1)
You shall be kept forever minty! :D

photo8 (1)
I've never noticed the silhouette in pictures before! Too adorable!!

photo9 (1)
I...can't...even. The big eyes, the adorable floppy ears, the paw pads, everything about this plush is absolutely stunning and perfect <333

photo10 (1)

photo11 (1)
My first Japanese Pokedoll tag! The art is gorgeous!! <33 I'm so afraid of bending it, besides laminating, does anyone have any good tag protection tips?

photo12 (1)
She's so shy...

photo13 (1)
Paw pads!! Squeeee!! <333

photo14 (1)
Her name is Rosemary! Basil and Rosemary shall be happy bun buddies forever and ever!! <333

photo15 (1)
I really need to do an in-depth collection update XD I've gotten SO many things since I've joined this community it's amazing! I never thought they could grow so much! :O

photo16 (1)
My bunnies in all their glory!! <333

Next, I'd like to remind everyone of a super awesome contest still running for you to have the chance to design your own teapot and two teacups and win your crafted design! Check it out here:

Thank you for taking the time to read this post~! I hope it wasn't too lengthy~! ^ -^ Have a wonderful day everyone! :D
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