Talarus (talarus) wrote in pkmncollectors,

So it seems that I'm collecting Kid Figures now...

It started off with a small lot off of YJ, and now I've got to catch em all!
These are so cool, I can't believe I didn't collect them sooner!

Color-coded for fun!

Downside is, now I have tons of doubles...
I'm going to try to get sales permission, so that I can trade em for ones I need.

Now, an actual question:
Is there a "rarity guide" of sorts for these figures?
I know about clears and shinies,
but I'm curious about ones that might be more desirable.
How do I know if' I've got a "good" one?
I have a pink butterfree...is that the shiny version?
It looks like the anime pink butterfree, rather than the shiny sprite.
Thanks for your help!
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