Captain B.F. Archimer (archimer) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Captain B.F. Archimer

Collection Update and Glee!

My collection is already small, and this is an even smaller section of it. A good chunk of my Poké-stuff is at my parents' house. I'll have to build it back up over time and buy more spice-shelves from Goodwill. ;)

Buddha-Mew has a bit of a seatbelt going on. He's too top-heavy and wide to sit on the shelf quite right.

I got the Mew plush recently as a birthday gift from my boyfriend. :3 Ian is awesome; he supports my addiction to fetal cats.

On a somewhat unrelated note: He's on his way back from class / Target now, and he picked up some of the new trading card tins for us-- Woo! We've been waiting for those things to hit the shelves up here for a long time. 0_o

Finest kind!
- Arch
Tags: collection, mew
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