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After much chaining and creative challenge

A wild lickitung appears *sparkle sparkle*

Wild lickitung tries to run. Its ineffective!

Shiny lickitung: damn these short legs >.<
Wild lickitung climbs a plant? Its ineffective!

Shiny lickitung: Must.... climb... faster!
Giselle used Pokeball... wait the trainer hasn't got one. Giselle used grab instead! All right lickitung was caught! *doo doo dee doo music*

Shiny lickitung: This is an inappropriate way to check my gender ;^;

Lol, just having fun. Anyway I decided to challenge myself and make a craft out of dollarstore material. This licking is made of craft pompoms, paper and a piece of pink fabric. The pompoms are held together by thread and the rest is glued on.

Anyway now to my challenge! Pretty simple: create a craft of a Pokemon using only materials that could be bought for 1$ (like pompoms, felt, pipe cleaners, paper, cardboard, etc...) and post a (small so it doesn't make the page take forever to load) image of it. No limit of time and this is for fun, nothing put self competition :>

PS: how did I do on my first photo story?
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