Gin・ジン・仁・:) (denkimouse) wrote in pkmncollectors,

small but awesome raichu updates! :D

RAI THE CUBE by kiraras_lemon.... holy crap, its amazing. n...nothing more to say than OMG i love it. raicube!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best ever.

this is a crocheted raichu i commissioned at otakon. it's an old teddy bear style plush! AND it has a pullstring so it rumbles. wheeee so cute!!! i don't even know the artists name... she didnt put it on my receipt, and didnt include it when she mailed him! she was only 14 or so though. damn! talent! i love this unique raichu :>

AAAAAAND i think the mystery of this flat figure is solved! looks like it was a toy in a short lived wendy's promotion in 2001 (right when the pokemon fad completely died as a fad in america). i find some of the rarest pokemon toys come from 2001-2003 time period when everyone was burned out and not paying attention. interesssssting.

anyway, uber rare, bla bla, love <3

aaaaaaand thats it for now! :D except i found this image a lot of people had been asking for (the miraculous price for the doctor... but anyone who knows the whole story knows that it wasn't so miraculous in the end D:)

(also his shipping cost to japan was not 18$ XD)

but at least it didnt end up like:
Tags: custom, plush, raichu
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