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Paris June Meet-up + Junichi Masuda at the Paris Pokémon Center :)

HD picture of this Paris PC art

Hello everyone o/
Yes, it's me again (> <), sorry.
Since many members are planning to go to Paris in June (I don't know why, haha), we thought it would be nice and helpful to make a meet-up post :)
I hope not breaking rules, I've never made that kind of post before :s

I think that the first thing to mention is the period when you will be in Paris.
Also if you only want a Pokémon Center meet-up or a Parisian one too (visits, walks, shopping lol...). If you already know when you are planning to go to the Pokémon Center (all: "every days" xD) it can be interesting to mention it too, especially if it's on the opening day (June 4th).
As you maybe know, Junichi Masuda confirmed on twitter that he will be at the Paris Pokémon Center on June 4th (even if nothing was officially announced, we can hope a signing session o/)

I'm really excited ^o^
If you have any ideas for organisation or want to add something, do it o/
I wrote this post in such a way we have a "place" where we can organize all that, but I'm not sure being the best one to lead it. So this post is your post o/

Thank you for reading, and I hope my English not being too scary :s (I'm a bit anxious about the meet-up because of my oral English xDD)

Here is how to access to the PC

Crémerie de Paris (Hôtel de Villeroy)
9/11 rue des Déchargeurs - angle 15 rue des Halles
75001 Paris

Participants (tell me if I made mistakes):
dragonrider49 Not determined yet
violetcyrene 4th (evening) to 8th
schnickschnacks 7th or 14th
tora_ra Parisian ^^
umbreonlover182 4th to 6th
knienke 7th to 9th
chariflame and riolulz 10th to 11th
abbeymew and joltex around 4th?
raikourai whole summer ^^
chiisai_hime 13th
kyogre2604 17th to 19th
cloudy_may around 13th?
roussil 6th to 8th
Tags: events
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