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Collection update ^^

This was suppost to be up a while ago o.o
Anyway I recieved a couple of packages off killerjaw01 and pheonixxfoxx thankyou very much!! ^V^ ^V^

Type your cut contents here.

First off, OMG AWESOME. I shall keep this forever <3 thankyou so much pheonixxfoxx!!

K.Lugia: ovO Where are we?
Treeko: No idea >.>
Latios: LOL why's there a phone looking at us?
Latias: -_-

Hasbro Grovyle: ooooh flipz!
Kid Grovyle: There's me! ovO.

K. Latias: XD Theres you Latios!
Latios: Yaaaay!
Latias: Wheres ME?

K. Lugia: T.T I dun have one..Ne, I'm going elsewhere.

T. Lugia: Hey, are you new?
K. Lugia: Yeah I guess where are we?
T. Lugia: Umm we are in xxLatiosxx' house!
K. Lugia: o.o
T. Lugia: Um UK?
K. Lugia -faints-

Next is my small collection update which include: Shinx/Luxio/Luxray, Munchlax/Snorlax, Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile, Latios/Latias and Lugia lines ^^

Type your cut contents here.

Contains: Shinx Poke Doll, Luxray Plush, Shinx, Luxio and Luxray kid figures.

Although its not big I'm happy to have these guys, I LOVE the Luxray plush <3 its not a big major pokemon I collect but its still a pokemon I collect (if thats makes sense? XD)I'm waiting for an official plush of Luxio please >.> XD.

Contains: Munchlax Change into pokeball plush, Snorlax plush, Snorlax Chao get, Jakks Munchlax, Small munchlax figure, Snorlax Roller.

Again its not that big, but I luff these guys so much! ^V^

Contains: Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile Flipz, Pull and go Treeko, Clear Treeko kid figure, Hasbro Treeko, Treeko pencil topper, Treeko TFG, Big Sceptile figure, Big Grovyle figure, Hasbro Grovyle, Grovyle Kid figure.

Missing: Treeko/Grovyle/Sceptile tags (not sure if I have Sceptile tag meh)

Hopefully this will grow up to be quite the collection soon ^V^ I love these guys, especially Grovyle XD.

Contains: Latios and Latias Poke dolls, Latios and Latias Tomy plushies, Latias kid, 2x Latios figures (different pose's), Latias key chain, Latias figure, Latios flipz.

Missing: Latios/Latias tags, Latios/Latias cards.

<3 What more can I say, I want MOAR. XDDDD. Especially a Latios kid figure, if anyone has one I'm willing to buy!! XD.

Contains: Giant Lugia Plush, Tomy Lugia Plush, Banpresto Lugia Plush, Lugia beanine, Tomy Lugia figure, Keychain Lugia figure, Phone charm Lugia Figure, Another random Lugia figure, Big talking Lugia figure and DS carrier case featuring Ho-oh and Lugia XD.

Missing: 2x Lugia taz (flipz?), Lugia silver coin, Lugia card and awesome drawing up above before XD.

Last but certainly not least my Lugia collection! Its hard to see everything on one picture, blame GLP XD. So I decided to make some close ups of the figures/small plush ^^ I'm thinking this is my biggest collection so far and if I wasn't so lazy then yes I would of found everything and ta daa but I'm too lazy today XD.

Ah and one day I went to the Japanese import shop in Manchester and OVO it had loads of awesome stuffs! Quite expensive though ><; though I saw a Chao Get capsule machiene and I was like: O.O I never even knew you could get them in capsule machienes XD, so I bought 3! These are my first three that I got:

I hope to go back soon to try and get a Munchlax one ^V^.
Thanks for reading! ^V^ ^V^ ^V^ (hope the cut works too)

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