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Shipping Update, Sales Thread

I should be making a postal run relatively soon, but this is just a notice that nothing else has been mailed yet.

Under the cut is a tiny sales thread as well - I won't be shy about this, but due to the hurricane I'm really lacking in some funds - (getting gas around here is atrocious.)


Brief sales policies, etc:

I may refuse the right to sell to anyone, but generally only for poor past experience or plain rudeness (we're all adults here! :D) Payment is due within 24 hours, or your items will go back up for sale. I accept paypal only, no e-checks please.

My shipping rates start at $2 for within the USA and $3 for outside the US - unfortunately, most of the items in this post will be more expensive than that because they are bulkier. ^_^; All items are shipped USPS first class without insurance (you may purchase insurance if you like, or sometimes on expensive items I will include it in the shipping cost) and are generally shipped within 1 week of payment being received.

You can make offers (no trades at this time, please), but I will not be willing to accept much lower than I am asking. ^_^;


Large Tomy Moltres (has a light paint rub on tip of nose, and a few other tiny marks on body) - $10, Large Tomy Zapdos (has some marks) - $10, Large Moltres Kid (blue marks on belly) - $4, Dialga/Giratina Watch - $5, Shaymin Lotto Prize Neck Pouch - $8, Piplup Mini UFO - $3


Regigiggas Hottomotto Stamp - $3, Small Giratina Wrist Pouch - $3, Blue or Black Giratina/Skymin/Regigiggas Pouches - $6 each, Suicune Gachapon Buildable Figure - $8, Turtwig/Chimchar/Croagunk Suction Cup Figures - $1.50, Gira Suction Cup Figure - $3, Shieldon Kid - $2, Skymin Pokedoll Charm - $5, Skymin w/Glacidia Flowers Diorama - $10, Reigiggas Diorama - $2, Lucario Kid - $3, Vibrava Kid - (one black/grey smudge/dot) - $2, Piplup Diorama - $3, Giratina Kid - $5


Quilted Material Draw-string Backpack - $10, Plastic Wrist purse (it looks like clear grey/black, but it's actually clear dark green) - $10


Shaymin Cellphone Strap - $8, Giratina Cellphone Strap - $8, Pikachu and Piplup Cell Straps - $3 each

Also, some recent additions to my collection.



Yutakayumi Sleeping Shiny Umbreon! She did Espeon a few months ago for me, but I wanted a matching Umbreon.


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