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I feel like I make one too many of these posts. D: I just want to apologize for my absence and for neglecting my duties as a mod and member. I have been pretty sick recently, not to mention stressed and mentally unwell. blahblahblah my needs, I don't want to get too personal here.

I had to pay for a SURPRISE DOCTOR BILL, causing me to drain my PayPal for the monies so to anyone I have stuff on hold with and have not told yet - I am REALLY sorry for this. ._. I did not expect this to happen when I ordered the items and if you would like to put those things back on sale, feel free! I will definitely be able to pay within the week or next, when all of this gets settled.
In addition, all packages have been sent and I apologize for taking long with that as well.

While I am an avid follower of the 'no shout-out posts' rule, I decided this would be a lot easier. :B

That's that. 8D I am going to do a bit of cleaning up now - checking the Member Feedback and Contact Page and whatnot.

Thanks for understand and everything~ <3

~ Sam
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