Rythen Eugea (dunsparce) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Rythen Eugea

Woot! Cards!

So I decided I needed a Darkrai Lv X so I went to Target and bought me a tin.
And two Legends Awaken packs.

ALSO, as someone had said before, Target has these little cheapy boxes of old packs of cards. I found a VS pack of about 30 cards (a half deck in a booster like pack). For A DOLLAR. Definitely worth checking out if you have Targets nearby. (the ones near me had lots of DBZ and Naruto cards).

BUT I have some cards to sell off~

Normal rules apply, etc. I don't want to hold for very long, maybe a day at the most.
PLEASE no eChecks x.x

I also have some more items left here if'n your interested

AND ALSO (scatterbrained today lol) they have Mewtwo LvX tins. I may be very dumb/slow to have not noticed this before. THey had none, or I would have just flat out gotten that for the hell of it instead of a Darkrai xD

On a collection note, nothing interesting has happened D:
I keep spending my money on non-collection items >_>
I'm kinda bad at that.
Tags: cards, sales
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