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Hey everyone! Long time no see!

I'm back at University now, term hasn't started yet but I moved up to get used to my new house! Ani (aka kiraras_lemon ) is here, staying for a week, and we're having general fun relaxing, watching anime and dorking out. We haven't got internet in the house but luckily my Uni has a 24/7 computer room that has net access. So I thought on one of our late-night visits I'd update here!

befoere I get onto all the Pokemon-related news, etc. I have something important to say ;-; I know it's off topic, but to me it's important so~ Please bear with it ^^;;

To all the people who were in Pkmncollectors chat on Sep. 5th around 2am GMT~ Thank you. For those of you who were there, you already know what happened, for those of you who weren't, kiraras_lemon</lj>  and I got engaged, in chat. We've been dating for around 4 years now, and as a same-sex couple we've been subjected to a lot of harrassment of varied kinds, mostly from our parents who simply do not support us at all. We have support from our friends which, I simply cannot be more grateful for. But in all honesty, in my entire life, I have never, never felt more touched. A collective group of people who I barely know, gave well wishes and good luck, and support and care in a way that I, frankly, did not expect or anticipate. Such earnest, sincere, heartfelt condolences, such a wide-spread collective, sincere well-wish was... heart melting. It was truly beautiful and I can't even begin to describe how much that meant to me, to us. Because of our friends, and the strength they give us, we've been able to get this far, we're that little bit stronger and we can make it so much easier. So truly. Thank you all.

Enough mush! xD On with the Pokemon!

Before I moved out I received soemthing green, pointy and cute in the mail...What was it?!

PHOTOSTORY UNDER, Photo heavy warning xDD
The arrival of NeaCollapse )
And now some other things....

Collecting update/Re-arrangementCollapse )
And something else! I have a few things  for sale. As well as on my Pokemon and Sailor Moon sales page (Go onto my main LJ: the sales post is stickied near the top ^^), I have Some Mystery Dongeon Diorama gashapon for sale, aaand a copy of Pokemon Ranger. More details:

Read more...Collapse )
And that's all from me! I leave you with one final image! It's not Pokemon related but...what the heck it's cute x33

SmoochumsCollapse )
Take care everyone!

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