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Custom Charm Commissions are OPEN!


I've finished exams for this year and have enough free time to open up some charms slots! I'm not taking a set number of slots as usual and will accept multiple requests per slot (in my last batch a user claimed one slot and ended up commissioning four charms!). Detailed information can be found under the cut, which is exactly the same as the sticky post in my personal journal - the one I'll be using to edit in updates as I progress so if you want to know what stage your charm is in during creation without contacting me directly, that'll be the place to look!

cinnabar pokemart2 DSC_1406222

Slot 1. kaffeina - Shiny Umbreon, Arbok - $45
Slot 2. trigris - Feraligatr - $25
Slot 3. salamence646 - Gogoat - $25
Slot 4. coiffwaff - Heart-trim Furfrou (sitting) - $25
Slot 5. altair_420 - Gengar/Clefable (half of each) - $30

Please send your payments to and include your username and purchase in the note!

Commission Information

~ Sales permission granted 15/3/2013 by allinia and my feedback can be found here although is not up to date.

~ I ship from a pet friendly home in the UK to anywhere in the world.

~ Charms are approximately 1-2 inches in size, made from polymer clay with occasional paint use and are glossed with a clear varnish and given a wire charm hook by default.

~ I accept PayPal as preferred payment method and currently accept trades/partial trades for custom plush.

~ Each slot is $25 and each additional charm is $20 - this covers the cost of materials for any charm and time taken to craft, as well as including shipping in bubblewrap and bubblemailer to anywhere in the world, and absoring fees.

~ All items are wrapped carefully but are fragile and accidents can happen, a spot of glue easily fixes this.

~ Commission slots are currently OPEN.

Thanks for looking!
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