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Charms Clearance sale!

I was cleaning through my closet for the big move I am preparing to make when I came across all my old charms from previous posts that were just hanging out. I am going to be putting them on clearance to help get rid of them.


+ I got sales permission from Lineaabla April 2010!

+ I have a smoke-free, pet friendly home.

+ Holds are only for committed buyers and don't extend more then 4 days.

+ Because of my full time work schedule so please have patience with shipping. These orders will be shipped sometime Wednesday as my PO is closed Saturday.

+ I ship from the USA, and prices do no include shipping. I can ship via bubble mailer or envelope, please specify which you would prefer when you order. However, bubble mailer is highly recommended as with an envelope I can't pack any protection and there is higher risk with it. Limit to an envelope is two charms, anymore and it is too bulky to send. I have had a customer report that their envelope order has been torn and the charm wasn't there. Please be well aware of the risk when it comes to envelopes.

+ Payment is due within 48 hours.

+ I have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially if they have poor feedback.

+ Once a package leaves it is out of my hands so I will not take responsibility for something I have no control over.

+ If someone commits to a charm first, and you just ask for a quote, I will be offering the charm to the user who commits. Thank you for understanding. If I also have to continuously chase you down for payment or a response, I have the right to temporarily ban you from my sales.

+ I will only be sending orders domestically this time around.


+ My feedback can be found here:

+ Due to these being clearance your strap color will be randomly selected. Thank you!

Onto the sales, shall we?

$3 Charms

photo 1

Inkay x 5 available
Shiny Inkay x 6 available
Braxien x 4 available
Shiny Braxien x 5 available

$2 Charms

photo 4

Deino Egg x 3 available
Eevee Egg x 3 available
Pumpkaboo Egg x 4 available
Raichu VDay x 2 available
Fennekin Hot Cocoa x 1 available

$1 Charms

photo 3

Holiday Noibat x 1 available
Gingerbread Noivern x 3 available
Gingerbread Dedenna x 4 available
Gingerbread Helioptile x 1 available
Gingerbread Sylveon x 2 available Sold! Thank you!
Gingerbread Fennekin x 1 available

Free with any purchase $5 purchase or $0.50 by itself

photo 2

Christmas Dedenne x 7 available
*** Can only be applied to $5 purchases who ask for bubble mailers. I can't send more than 2 charms per envelope!

Thank you for checking it all out! I'll be having a large sale coming up soon on former collection items so keep an eye out. :)
Tags: braixen, custom, dedenne, deino, eevee, fennekin, helioptile, inkay, noibat, noivern, pumpkaboo, raichu, sales, sylveon
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