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Electrifying get

Hello everyone!

I was going to wait for some GA plushes to make their way here... but it's going to take a while and I really needed to type up this gets post!

Why such need? Because I got at last a plush that had been eluding me for quite a while! It's not all that espectacular (afterall it's Gen5) but it sure proved to be hard to catch (this is what happens when you don't get a plush as soon as it's released |D; ).

Tadah! These are my gets, with Tony the Blitzle taking the spotlight!
I have to thank my friend thedaftlynx for trading him for an extra Zukan I had she wanted. The Pachirisu with the hat (which is my Pokésona) was drawn by her, can't get over how cute it is >w<

Here we have Lord Darkrai welcoming Yveltal (he has such squishy hand-wings ;w; ) to the Dark and Ghost Kid community. They seem to be great friends already, they've got a lot in common! Let's see... blue and white eyes, stylish white mane/hair, spikes, and the Dark type!

This is Tony when he met Plug, the Tomy Elekid who is a great deskmate and helps me hold a Sylveon I'm making in a safe way.

Why do I say safe? Well... I accidentally light touched it with my phone some days ago and I managed to take the left bow tail off its rightful place |D; now it's waiting for me to glue it in place (when I have time).
This is how it looked before I separated it from the base (so it wouldn't fall before I get to secure it properly) and then "hit" it with my phone (first photo with the tinfoil supports are before I put it in the oven).
I also have a short question... I know I'm going to paint the flower white, but I don't know how to paint Sylveon! Should it be regular or shiny?

Thanks for your time!
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