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Collection Update

I got my Meowstic stuff from the Espurr Wanted! Promo, and I took some new photos of my Vulpix collection while I was getting ready to move. (Again, yeah. I move a lot, haha.) Click on the images for bigger pictures. :)

All my Vulpix stuff, sans the big Tomy Vulpix plush. She was already packed when I took this photo!

Cute little bag I found on Y!J with Vulpix on it! I absolutely love Johto-era stuff. It was all so pastel and pretty.

Kitties! I love the little dish, and the phone charms are great. I'm a little perplexed by the bag, since when it's the big bag, it's got 2 sets of handles, haha. But it's still cute.

The tin is also a favorite of mine! It came with the cookies, which were delicious.

Pan stickers and rubber keychains. Also, I finally tracked down a set of the Vulpix Pokemon Time tins! :D (Ok, so they really are Bulba, Charmander, and Squirtle, but I like this side better.)

And my plushies! I don't display them like this, this was just before I moved and I was arranging things for photos.

Thanks for looking!
Tags: collection, vulpix
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