DoryPhish (doryphish333) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Collection update and Unfortunate Tomy News

Let's start with the fun news. I got my Whale of Tale GA items and I have a massive update :D

:D :D :D For years I've wanted one never believing I'd win one for so cheap (along with some other highly sought items)!!!
And for the sad news :/ The Red Gyrados GA, yea, there's a reason the seller kept the picture so small...

First off, WAILORDS!!!! :D
Unfortunately, I'm REALLY limited on room in my room >.< so they have to share with my WoW collection
Close up :) I got the pokedoll, water squirter, pencil topper and footprint figure, and supposedly a darker kid, but it's not darker :/ (the one from next to the shiny one is the one from the GA), the other one looks "darker" from the shadow of timelord

On to the sad part, all pictures can be clicked on for much larger pictures
The quality of the figures is pretty bad, they're dirty and poor ponyta is missing her tail and Mr. Mime has quite a bit of paint rubs
Here are some closer pics:
Even I was really grossed out by the condition these guys were in so I felt it necessary to give them a bath (plus they smelled :/)

Bubble bath time!
A few after bath shots :P OMG! Surfachu is YELLOW AGAIN!!! And Marill! I didn't know you had a white tummy!
All of them are cleaned and dried now! And look MUCH better!

Anyway thanks for looking! Also, the package from chain is in for anyone who used me to middle man for them along with the Blue Lot! As you can tell I have a lot of weighing and packaging to do XD I'm going to make one big combined post for all 3 things to be shipped so keep a look out! This is graduation week so I ask that you please be patient! Thanks!
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