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Major Update Gets: Pikachu Cards, music box, Dedenne plush and ??

Hello! Here is an overdue update on my Pikachu collection...been so busy haven't had time to really take pictures and post them up. :D So, without further ado, here we go~!


Here are some of my Raichu cards--I didn't take a picture of all of them cause my camera was acting kind of weird (it was having one of those days)

I think I had most of these already when I first posted up my collection...

World Series Pikachus on the left and random ones on the right. :< I need the other Surfing Pikachu with the comet shooting in the background.

Some Pichus to da left. Pikachu on the right. :D I believe there is one more flying Pikachu card I need...

Some more Pichus / Trainers. :) I'm wanting to get 9 full-art trainers. Slowly...Oh, and the Pikachu's to the right. I'm savin' that empty space for another one that's like the base set Pikachu (but different in some way). Hard to tell from these pictures the differences D;

More PIkachu! Then a few Raichu's up top....Cut off some of them. :P At least I got the classroom Raichu xD

Plusle / Minun with some other Pikachu cards.

Those 9 Pikachu cards are also World collection Pikachu cards but i can't remember from what set...

More Pikachu... My friend came over earlier this month and looked at my wall. Then turned to me and gave me this look 0_0; My response: ^_^;;;;

I need to probably organize my Pikachu cards a little  better. To the left I put aside the 3D / Clay model looking Pikachu.
>_> Darn you flash, covering up the Rally Pikachu cards. >:

I love the Kids WB Pikachu card. There is something about it that's just...really fun :)

Also, I was wanting help identifying this little Pikachu I had gotten a few weeks back. It looks like the surfing Pikachu buy Tomy but it's by Hasbro...any idea what set its from?


I really couldn't find too much info...maybe because it isn't a surfing Pikachu?

Finally, some random updates non-Pikachu related (okay, I lie...)

I'm in love with this little fat hamster xD I was so happy when I got it. It's a little smaller than I anticipated but it fits rather well on my shelf :)

Any Info on the music box? It plays a song when opened but I don't recognize it...either way, I love it. <3


I found a YouTube Video of someone else who has the music box (and they play it too)

It looks like it is a song from the original Pokemon series (first season)

Oyasumi Boku no Pikachu (Good night, My Pikachu). I had a feeling it was old, but I didn't realize it was that old. ^_^ Pretty cool.

And finally, if Zack Fair had Pokemon...(though what the heck is Ranma doing there 0_0; )

Hope you all enjoyed! :) Feel free to try to sell me your Pikachu cards if you have one that I don't have. ;)
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