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IT'S MY BIRTHDAY. :D B-day gets and a Lapras story

Hey everyone! It's been a little while since my last post, but I am thrilled to say it's my birthday, and it has already been a SUPER one. :D
not ONLY did I get a giant package from pikachux with 12 blister packs, and AMAZING extra b-day goodies, including a mime jr and friends notebook from the Pokemon Center, AND a Blastoise ex, but I also got a lovely b-day card from classypersian . :D I really am so grateful, you guys are aweosme. ^_^ My day is already sooo special.

I also have a little Lapras story starring some gets from midnitekitten17 . Not b-day gifts, but a long time comin'. ;P

Hope you guys are doing well, and enjoy seein mah burfday gets. :D

Lil' sneak peak. :D


I told my mom I wanted one of the petit Pokemon keychains off Sunnyshore. EITHER Gengar, Lapras OR Ampharos. And guess what? She decided to get ALL THREE. <3 :'O

If you've considered getting one of these guys do NOT hesitate to get them. GET THEM NAO. Not only is the detail AMAZING, but they are just cuter than cute, and SO SOFT. ;__;

Also: FIRST EVER AMPHAROS PLUSH. :D I've lost out on a LOT of Amphy plush, and now I finally got one. He's perfect. - - - and his name is Amphy. Obviously. 'Cause I am THAT creative. ;P

Another gift from my mom, THIS CHARI BOX. Didn't get THE most impressive pulls, probably to most, but I DID pull a Goodra holo, which was a HUGE deal for me personally, Goodra being one of my favorite Pokemon, and my ABSOLUTE fave gen 6 Pokemon.

OOH LOOK. A wild birthday card from classypersian appeared. :D She suggested we swap b-day cards, and I happily agreed. I sent hers Saturday so hopefully it will reach her soon. ^_^

Look at them opening my birthday card. They are naughty and mischievous already. <3 They will fit in here well. Haha. >:D

Love the front of the card. We are both HUGE Team Rocket fans, so it was very fitting. :



CLOSE UP of the drawing. :D


SO awesome. :D I really enjoyed doing this, it was like a mini "spring swap" only birthday edition. ^__^
Thank you again so much girly, I really enjoyed it. :D

Here's what I got from pikachux . I purchased 8 Flashfire and 2 X and Y blisters, the rest were GIFTS. So nuts, I really still can't believe how he went above and beyond. :')
He really didn't have to do this, but he still did. <3


EDIT: The video just finished uploading too, so here it is, if anyone's interested. :D

I also got some non-Pokemon related gifts, including Tolkien's collection of unwritten works, the Tolkien handbook, and The Silmarillion. :D SO COOL.
Also this, I know it's not Pokemon, but I just HAD TO. :'D
My grandma "forced" me to wear the b-day bling, and the shirt is supposed to be the INSIDE OF BENDER'S STOMACH. :'D Haha. I just thought that was TOO funny.


Under this cut is the lovely mini-grail I've been looking for for quite some time. :D

-Sneak Peak-

So like I mentioned midnitekitten17 provided me with one of my BIGGEST grails at the moment. The other Lapras got really excited so I decided to let them open the package when she arrived. ;D

"Hey guys, I think this is the package Mimi spoke of. :O - Let's dig in to it!"

"nom nom nom" .
"Hey guys, careful CHEWING open that package."


"Oh my gosh. :O It's a giant Lapras! She must be the big sister we were told about. WELCOME FRIEND!"
..."HEY, she brought snacks. :O Mmmh, a delicious blue POKEPUFF!!!"

Just a little mention: midnitekitten17 sent this puff as a GIFT to made, and they MADE it. O__O SO DANG COOL. I think they should be sold to be honest. So cool and yummy looking. ;D

"Can I have a ride big sis??"

"hey, I want to get in on that. :D "

All the others "Nom nom nom, mmmmh Pokepuffssssss"

A big kiss from their new big sis. <3

THE END ... Yet just the beginning. :3

Look at the detail on this gal. <3 Ughhhh, she's perf.

Great shell detail as well. :'3

Hope you guys enjoyed. :D
I am already having a great day, so thanks a TON.
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