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Grail get, display update, and I need some help!!

So, my package from the "Whale of a Tale GA" came in today!!! I have been bouncing off the walls and checking the mail obsessively (even when there was no chance of it actually being in the mailbox...) because this package contained a grail plush!


Growlithe canvas plush!!! Oh my goodness, I have been wanting one of these cute little things for forever! It's been near the top of my grail list for as long as I've been collecting! And now she's finally staring happily at me from my collection shelf!

Her name is Katniss, and yes, I have a plush name Peeta ^_^ He's a Chespin Pokedoll.

And, really, she was the last expensive "OH MY GOODNESS I NEED IT" grail plush on my list! I have a few that I'm still really itching to get, but they're pretty common finds (and mostly new releases) and so my wallet is sighing in happiness.

I also recently got bitten by the "I don't like how -insert section of my room- looks... reorganize!" bug. For a little over a year I've had some "old new" display shelves: my grandpa had made them, and they had actually been in my room for a while before I got new furniture (new furniture... this was like ten years ago) and then they got moved to my mom's closet. Well, when I started talking about wanting to reorganize my room and get some shelves, my mom was like "wait a minute... I've got your old shelves in my closet" and so we had the paint scraped off and got them stained and clear-coated! Ever since they've been in my room, I've been almost constantly changing the display (which seems to satisfy the reorganization bug for short periods of time) and so I moved some non-Pokemon (and very breakable) items, which I call "the pretties," to a much safer shelf out of the way of my dogs tails! And so... there's more room for my Pokemon! I was able to move some of the bigger plush off my bed (the amount of plush on my bed was getting out of hand) and onto the new space.



I moved some more plush around after I got Katniss today!

Much less cramped! I still have my HQ Pikachu, Takigawa, on my bed, since he's tall enough that his ears would get way too squished on the shelf (and he's one of my cuddle plush) but it does feel nice to have most of my plush in one place!

Alright, now onto probably the most important part of the post: I need some help! My church is doing a musical for one of our summer things, and believe it or not, there is a gag in the script that calls for five Pikachu's! I didn't want to volunteer my own babies since it's a stage musical and I didn't know what they'd come back looking like, but I did promise that I could find them! I have one gifted to me already, so that leaves four!

I need four medium to large sized chu's! I don't care what condition they're in! Bootleg, backpack chu's that have gone through the terrors of Kindergarten, chewed up by your dog, missing an eye, drug in the dirt behind a car... it doesn't matter! I just need them to be cheap! I'd prefer to pay $5 or less before shipping for each one, but if you really need $6 or $7 that's fine too.

Thank you so much in advance! 
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