Sui Kune / スイ ・ クン (sui_kune) wrote in pkmncollectors,
Sui Kune / スイ ・ クン

Beast Trio and Absol Site Unveiling + A Mixed-Up SMJ Item

First off, I uncovered more about the mystery 80+ days in the making, of my missing Shaymin straps from SMJ. When asking for a refund, they said the straps were combined with a pair of Skymin straps I never ordered, from the same seller. Since chances are good they belong to a user here, did the owner of these straps ever receive them, and if so, did they come with these Landmin straps? Chances are if they did, they might've already been sold off or sent back or whatever, but it's worth a shot.

And onto some more major collection news from me. This time, I got in the groove and finally finished my Beast Trio and Absol collection site! It is the sister site to Glacidea no Hana, and I present you:

I hope you guys like it. ^^;; Sorry in advance for many blurry photos, my camera was being a bitch last night. I'll retake the really bad ones sometime.
Tags: collection
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