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Tiny sales update!

Hello! I come to you guys today with a super tiny sales update!

General Info:
-Granted sales permission by allinia on 3/24/14
-I ship from Virginia, USA
-My shipping days are primarily Thursday and Friday
-I have a dog
-My feedback is here and here
-All general pkmncollectors rules apply

-I accept PayPal only
-All prices are in USD and do not include shipping and paypal fees
-Please send payment in a timely manner. If you need more time please let me know, I can hold it for you for up to 72 hours if committed or longer depending on the situation.
-By default I will ship first class using USPS with no tracking or insurance. Please specify if you would like these services.
-I will protect items as best as I can but once the item has left my hands I cannot be held accountable for how the post office handles the items

-Asking for a quote is NOT committing.
-I will hold as long as you are 100% committed up to 72 hours.
-I will accept trades/partial trades for items on my wants list found here

Plush (please ask about plush condition if you are concerned! i will gladly provide more pictures)

:D face Plusle $10
:) face Plusle $9
Snorlax $3
Turtwig $5

I <3 Eevee Jolteon Trump MWT $18
I <3 Eevee Jolteon Keychain MWT $12
I <3 Eevee Vaporeon Trump MWT $20
I <3 Eevee Vaporeon Keychain MWT $15

Jakks Jirachi (tush tag only) $8
JakksTogekiss (tush tag only) $10
Hasbro Pichu (tush tag only) $8
Hasbro? Azurill (no tags) $8 hold for btamamura
Hasbro Plusle (no tags) $7
Hasbro Minun (no tags) $7

Mudkip UFO (Tush tag only, has string) $20
TOMY Chimchar (Tush tag only) $6
Banpresto Torchic UFO (Tush tag only, has string, loved) $3

Kids - mostly in good condition, i will try my best to point out flaws (please inquire about condition if you are concerned, all images can be enlarged)

$3 each
Plusle $1 (has marks you can see here and here)
Gone: Tropius, Both Latios, Shedinja

$3 each
Zangoose with ear smudge $2

Clear cubone and weepinbell $4 each
Rest are $3 each

$2 each

$2 each
Chikorita $1

Typhlosion $3
Rest are $2


Vaporen Kid $5
Jolteon TOMY $2
Leafeon Ippai $7
Jigglypuff eraser $1
Jirachi Rumble U $5
Click here for closeups on Jolteon and Jigglypuff

Pancham TOMY minty (took out of packaging and then put it into plastic baggie) $5

Combusken $1
Chimchar Sukui doll $2
Charmander TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Charmeleon TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Cyndaquil TOMY $1 (see additional view)
Munchlax jakks? x2 $1
Tiny munchlax $1
Squirtle $1
Wartortle (missing tail :( ) Freebie
Additional views here

Dialga movie zukan $3 (has residue around feet)
Zekrom Zukan (no base) $3
Zekrom sukui doll $2

Burger King mew $2
Chimchar TFG $2
Pikachu TFG $2

Munchlax bottlecap figure $3
Keldeo tretta $2
Clear Keldeo strap $3

Freebies (please take as many as you like with a purchase)

Gone: Pikachu, silver sticker set, baltoy pan sticker

Tags: azurill, jirachi, jolteon, kids, minun, mudkip, pichu, plush, plusle, sales, snorlax, torchic, turtwig, vaporeon
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