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Overwhelmed & Doggies

Few probably remember me. I rarely post and prefer to lurk. I collect doggies with a few randoms here and there. I'm a casual collector only getting what strikes my fancy but am picky and will not settle. My favorites are Growlithe/Arcanine and Raikou. Recently Furfrou has caught my heart however and jumped in a tie for first along with Growlithe/Arcanine. I'm a dog groomer and what better way to represent that than a poodle Pokemon you can groom! So Furfrou is on my highly sought after list. But I'm so out of the loop. I just can't keep up anymore. D:

All I want is furfrou. Anything else and it will be an impulsive buy that I don't need.
I bought the charm set and I know of a kid, clearfile, and small plush. Anything else?

Also Doggy update!
I got my box from smj finally with my goodies I got back in like February/March. lol



I got a pretty puzzle, two feets, and two minicots.


I love these Pokedex Figures. So small but so cute (and detailed!). The Poochyena is even still in its original bag!


The minicots are cute too. I only wanted Growlithe but they came as a set so I guess I have Mewtwo as well.
Both are in original bags. ;n;


And this puzzle! The description read (with Google translate lol):

"Rare Pokemon Center New Year puzzle Lucario Windy
It is the year of the dog puzzle of memory! "

So I'm guessing it was made for year of the dog for New Year's back in 2006. It's in its original plastic, the pieces are even still attached! I feel very lucky, I've never seen this puzzle before let alone in a fellow dog collector's collection (correct me if I'm wrong though!)


And that's it! :)
Maybe I'll get around to making a proper update soon.
Thank you for looking! ~

PS Why is there no tag for Furfrou yet? D:

Tags: arcanine, furfrou, growlithe, lucario, mightyena, poochyena
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