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Totals for XY figures! + Extras and other things for sale!!

Hello there guys!
The XY metal figures came in!!!

And what did we get??

......disappointed. I got three colors of Honedge and missing gold variant now :(
I will NOT give up though!!!! I will just probably buy 5 to 10 more sets, no matter how much it will cost me!
I am happy for those people that were able to get all color variants, I admit I am jealous of you guys (I am surprised by Venu, because I got TWO sets of him even) :'D

Just an FYI, EACH figure comes with a tiny box and sheet, so each figure will be included with that!
Mega Blaziken
methuselah31010 - all colours - GOT THEM ALL FOR YOU! - You are in the US, so the total for them will be 25$ exactly! PAID!
dokurog - all colours except bronze - only got silver and copper for you! Total will be with dactyl! PAID!
fokko - all - preference copper > bronze > silver > gold - Got copper and silver for you! They will be 14$ if you are within Europe and 14.50$ if you are International! PAID!
Mega Aerodactyl
lady_supergirl - gold and bronze - Got them for you! They will be 14$, as I know you are within Europe! PAID!
lucklessprince - all colours - Got silver, copper and bronze, no gold! Total will be with Honedges!
dokurog - one of any color - Is silver ok? Your choice, let me know! Total for all three will be 19.20$ within Europe! PAID!
chronidu - all colours - Only silver and bronze for you! I think you are International, so your total is 14.50$! PAID!
dearballadeer - silver, bronze or brass - Got silver for you ! It will be 8$! PAID!
zugagirl - bronze or brass (one of them or both) - Got bronze for you! I think you are in France, so total will be 7.80$! PAID!
technicolorcage - all colours - Lucky you, got them all! Total will be 25$! PAID!
mewtwohavoka - any 1 color - Silver, if that's ok! 8$ will be total! PAID!
Mega Venusaur
neutralemotions - all colours - Lucky you, got them all! Total will be 25$! PAID!
viaticvenusaur - bronze or brass - Is brass ok? It will be 8$, since you are international! PAID!
Mega Blastoise
3kame - preference silver, but others are ok too - GOT IT! Just send me 6$, and I will combine for you!
schenzi - bronze or brass - Brass for you, if that's ok? Total with Dedenne! PAID!
lucklessprince - one, order of preference: brass, bronze, gold, silver - Brass for you! Total with Honedge!
jayceanime - all - Got them all for you! Total will be 25$! PAID!
nasija - bronze and gold - Sadly, all gone, I am sorry :( (I will surely buy more sets, let me know if you would be interested?)
opossumpanda - all colours - Brass and silver for you! Total to the US will be 14.50$! PAID!
rigndaga - one, any color - Brass for you if that's ok! Total will be 8$! PAID!
schenzi - bronze or brass - Brass for you! Total will be 14$ to the UK! PAID!
rainyan - all - only silver, gold and brass for you! Total for them will be 19.20$! PAID!
renshao - silver and gold - Got them both for you! Total if you are within Europe 14$, and International 14.50$! PAID!
btamamura - silver and gold - Only silver for you! Total will be 8$, since you are Australia!
me - bought silver, trying to get brass, bronze and gold - got everything but gold..
lucklessprince - all colours, order of preference: silver > brass > bronze > gold - Silver, brass and bronze for you! The total (without shipping) will be 37$!
zommie - all colours - Only silver, sorry! (I am waiting for a brass to arrive to me, maybe I can offer you that too? I hope it arrives soon!) Total will be 8$! PAID!
neeko48 - bronze - Only silver sorry!

Also, just so you know, the boxes will be flattened with no protection of those! They should be fine, but just so you know that if something happens to them, I am not responsible for postal service's mistake! All payments please send to hebilea(@)gmail.com, and please leave your username and what you bought in the memo, thank you so much!!!

One thing I am super happy about!!!

I was able to find this pretty glitter sticker set (all up up for sale, except for mine)!!!! AND LOOK WHO WE HAVE THERE!

HONEDGE BABY! He shines in all his glory <3333

I have a bunch of other metal figures that are left up for sale, AND I also have a small sales with some XY glittery stickers, small Pikachu and Eevee promotion things, Charmander walky, metal charms and others up for sale!

- Please provide your country so I can determine the shipping cost.
- When sending the money to me, please include in the Paypal note what you are buying and your LJ username.
- I am not responsible for lost or damaged items in the mail, but I will do my best to pack them carefully. I always use newly bought bubble mailers!
- I accept Paypal only. No echecks please.
- Once you know the final price, it must be sent to my Paypal within 24 hours.
- I do ship internationally.
- I ship from the Slovak Republic, always by First class/Priority. You can ask me for Registered mail as well. I normally ship as fast as I can. When I ship items out, I always write a message and leave feedback as well!
- This sales post is HUGE, that's why I ask you to be patient please when it comes to shipping! It might take me from a few days to 3 weeks to ship your items out!
- If it might happen that a package gets returned to me, I will let you know and you have to pay me half the payment for shipping again. This means no backing out on the item/s, just because it got returned to me.
- Shipping will depend from the country you are from.
- I come from a smoke-free environment. I do have a dog at home, but he never touches my things, because they simply do not interest him.
- I can hold something for you for the next 24 hours, but if you do not respond to me after that, I will put it back on sale.
- Backing out of a sale means you will get negative feedback!!
- Please no haggling at this time. If you think my prices are too high, do tell me please. I always try to sell or auction items off for a reasonable price.
- I have the right to refuse anyone, if I have a reason for it (such as negative feedback).
- I have gotten sales permission by dakajojo in the beginning of March 2011 and my feedback can be found here and also here!

Mega Blaziken - 2x brass/copper
Mega Aerodactyl - none, all gone!
Mewtwo - 3x silver, 1x bronze, 1x brass/copper
Mega Venusaur - 2x silver, 1x bronze, 1x gold, 1x brass/copper (to be confirmed)
Mega Blastoise - 2x silver, 1x bronze, 4x gold, 2x brass (to be confirmed)
Pancham - 1x brass/copper
Dedenne - 1x brass/copper, 2x silver
Honedge - 3x silver

Other items for sale!

Glittery stickers! Honedge NOT FOR SALE!
First row, Lucario and Noivern 6$ each, the other two 5$ each, second row is 4$ each, the rest are 3$ each!
SOLD: Swirlix, Skiddo, Vivillon, Flabebe, Noivern, Meowth, Bunnelby

Charmander Walky! As you can see, doesn't come with the bubble faces charms, not even the paper! That's how I got him when I bought him! He will be 20$ or I might take lower offer! SOLD!

Super cute ribbon plushies!!! Each will be 12$!
SOLD: Eevee

Super super soft card case face plush! 15$! SOLD!

Pikachu and Eevee bow straps! Each is 10$!
Pikachu one awaiting payment! Eevee is sold!

Metal charms! Lugia and Ditto are 7$ each, Ghastly line is 6$ each (buy the whole line for 15$!), Mareep line 6$ each and the rest 5$ each!
SOLD: Gengar, Ditto

Lucario bottlecap - 6$
Mew bottlecap - 20$ OBO
Pancham line zukan MINT - 6$

Thank you guys for looking <3
Tags: aerodactyl, blastoise, blaziken, charmander, dedenne, ditto, eevee, flaaffy, gastly, gengar, haunter, lucario, lugia, mareep, mewtwo, pancham, pikachu, sales
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