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Collection Update!!!! (( Plushes )) Hooray Japan!! xD

Hi yesterday was like christmas in september!! xDD I got three packages yesterday... it was a very great day:

What is in the boxes???

So i opened the boxes and well three heads popped out of the boxes!!

I was very happy they totally got out of their boxes and started exploring my room!! so here they are:

Manaphy, Luxray DX Plush and finally my Takara Tomy Skymin!!!!

My very special manaphy its like 9" inches and very huggable and way better than the jakks plush... xDD

Heres Skymin!!

And well much people in the community may have noticed i wanted this plush so bad xDDD!! I love it!!

And a very special one is my shiny Luxray ^_^

And well, I normally dont give names to my plushies but this one deserves it :3 His name is Ike!! The reason for this is because he got stuck in the middle of the hurricane... afortunately it arrived safely after a few days.

I defenitely love my skymin, manaphy and mostly, Ike!!

I got Skymin on ebay and the other two are from a very recomendable place:

Toysnjoys. some people know it but i want to give you the information xD this lace is in hawaii but it has its webpage they sell anime stuff of every kind and the prices are good!! I highly recomend this!! xDD

Now my plushies stay in my bed:

And now im waiting for my Raichu DX plush xDD!!
See ya!! Sales post and Another collection update comig soon!!
Tags: luxray, manaphy, plush, skymin
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