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Rare Pika promo error card, Pika ebay find, and received Pika items

Hey guys! As the title implies, I have stuff to report. Most of which has to do with a collection update.

First off, I'd like to show you a psycho ebay seller selling that large Pika plush from TRU at an outrageous price. Seriously, that plush isn't rare yet, so there is no need to spike the price. Make an offer, my ass! ^^;

Next, I have a question for you all. The Suncoast store in my mall is selling random cards. For $3.99, you get a holo promo and 15 useless random cards. Well, I saw a promo I had never seen before except on ebay. This promo is quite rare so I've heard. The one I happen to have is, what seems to be, an error version of the card. Here is a pic of it in it's error glory. As you can see, the bottom attack says BikaBika. I've looked on the net and found the corrected one which clearly says PikaPika as the attack. Being that mine is an error, does that mean it's worth more? Stupid question, I know. ^^; Usually error cards are worth more than their corrected counterparts. Just thought I'd ask. This card is selling for over $30 right now all over the net, so I guess I was lucky to nab it at $3.99? :) If anyone here is close to a Suncoast store, I highly recommend stopping by to see if they have this card.

I received some items in the mail over the past couple of days from comm members. ^_^ I will thank those people under the cut, along with a couple of pics.

Okay, so I didn't take a pic of the two zukan I got from penanna and kiras_lemon. But that's because I'm still "battling" with the Pidgey line. ^^;; Pieces of plastic from the Pidgeot and Pidgeotto stands are lodged in the holes and are VERY difficult to get out. I'm gonna try my luck with a razor blade or needle. Any other advise on how to go about this would be great.

But, anyway, THANKS YOU TWO FOR THE ZUKAN~!!!! ♥ I especially love Torcoal! He's so cute~! :3 I will post pics once my "battle" has been won. ;)

The back three are from happyjolteon ! Thank you~!!! <33 I love them so much! What a great deal for three rare Pika plush! :3 The one in the front is a gameboy holder. It's adorable! I got this from bergunty . I think it's a UK exclusive since the tag says it's an official International Nintendo product. :) Thank you!!! I'll put it to good use! ^_^ Plus, he's in great shape.

Also, I felt the need to share this:

Big Pika: Dude... what's that over there? >.> It's... amazing... *_*
Little Pika: *gasp* Really? Over there? *looks in same direction*

Hehe. I kinda panicked when I ordered the bigger one from happyjolteon. ^^;; In the pic she provided in her sales post, I couldn't tell the difference from the two, so I thought I ordered an extra little one by accident. xD;; The only thing that assured me they weren't the same were the tags. They are both made for two different movies. When i got the bigger one in the mail today, the size along with a few minor differences were obvious. So I'm happy to have two movie pika that look eerily alike. I guess the Japanese love the "looking to the left" pose. XD

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