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XY: Flashfire Card Sales (Cheap cheap cheap!)

I haven't made a sales post in forever... but I also haven't purchased a box in forever! So here we go, cheap cheap cheap XY: Flashfire cards for you! I hope you all are having a wonderful week so far! :)

Super Cheap Cards for YOU!!
Holos only $0.75 each!!
Rares only $0.50 each!!
Uncommons only $0.25 each!!
Commons only $0.10 each!!

Also for sale: Recent Holos and EX cards and 150+ Online Code Cards!

Sales Policies
- I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
- My feedback can be found here
- I ship from the US and will happily ship anywhere
- I accept Paypal ONLY
- No trades this time around
- Prices are in USD and do not include "fees"
- Payment is due within 24 hours of my giving you your total unless we discuss something first
- Please feel free to ask any questions!

Shipping Info
I use two forms of shipping for cards: Envelopes (1-8 cards) and Bubble Mailers (9+ cards)
All cards are shipped in soft sleeves; all holos are shipped in top loaders
Envelope shipping is $1.00 to the US and $1.75 Internationally
Bubble Mailers start at $2.50 in the US and $3.75 Internationally
Yes, if you buy 15 cards, I will send them in two envelopes and save you $0.50, just ask!
Once an item is shipped, I cannot be responsible for it. I'm sorry, but I can't do anything once it's out of my hands!

IMPORTANT: Please specify if you're looking to purchase or just for a quote. I take the word "quote" in a post to mean it's only an inquiry and cards won't be held. Thanks!

Basic Pricing
Rares only $0.50 each!
Uncommons only $0.25 each!
Commons only $0.10 each!

*Add $.05 each for Reverse Holos*

Houndoom, Samurott: $0.75 each
Black Kyurem EX, Blastoise EX: $5.00 each
Yveltal EX: $3.00
Emolga: $1.50
Reshiram: $2.00 each

Quilfish, Floatzeal, Luxray (not pictured): $0.50 each
Nuzleaf, Roserade, Rapidash, Torkoal, Fletchinder, Sealeo, Luvdisc, Avalugg, Luxio: $0.25 each
Caterpie, Caterpie RH* (not pictured), Pineco, Seedot, Roselia, Roselia RH*, Maractus, Maractus RH*, Ponyta: $0.10 each
Litleo (18/106), Litleo (19/106), Feebas, Spheal, Buizel, Bergmite, Shinx, Helioptile RH*: $0.10 each

Dusknoir, Dusknoir RH*, Florges: $0.75 each
Heliolisk, Weavile, Scrafty, Forretress, Durant, Meowstic (not pictured): $0.50 each
Dusclops, Graveler, Krokorok, Floette: $0.25 each
Helioptile, Duskull, Espurr, Skrelp, Geodude, Binacle, Sneasel (50/106), Sneasel (51/106): $0.10 each
Sneasel RH*, Stunky (53/106), Stunky (54/106), Sandile, Scraggy, Flabebe (62/106), Flabebe (63/106): $0.10 each

Lysandre: $1.00 each
Pidgeot, Furret, Lopunny, Blacksmith: $0.50 each
Pidgeotto, Miltank, Furfrou: $0.25 each
Spritzee, Goomy, Pidgey, Sentret, Buneary, Fletching: $0.10 each
Fiery Torch, Magnetic Storm, Magnetic Storm RH*, Pal Pad, Protection Cube, Sacred Ash, Starling Megaphone, Startling Megaphone RH* (not pictured), Trick Shovel, Ultra Ball: $0.15 each

Includes over 150 code cards (counted at 165):

47 Flash Fire, 30 XY Base, 15 Plasma Freeze, 8 Legendary Treasures, 30 Plasma Storm, 13 Plasma Blast, 12 Misc
10 Special from tins/boxes/etc
$35 SHIPPED ANYWHERE (Sale Pending)
(Will not scan, shipping is part of the deal- I need these gone!)

Thank you for looking! :D
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