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Hello, I just got added here but I have been looking at this community for a while ... *embarrassed* I guess I was a bit
shy with joining ^^"

A little bit about me:

- I come from Slovenia, where finding Pokemon is just as hard as finding original Japanese items XD
- I am a Bulba tard! I love teh Bulba and his evolutions, they're so cute! I do like all grass type pokemon in general, though Bulba is their king.
- I collect things with my twin, she's a Squirtle tard XD
- Mostly I collect the games since they're easier to get
- Plushies are my holy grail. It's my fav merchandise of all, so cute, so fat and soft. XD (Sorry for my bad spelling ...)

Here are some picks of mah collection, though it's very small and I've been told that most of them are booties! Oh noes D: )
Here's the first bach. The Pikas, note the ugly one with the eyes painted on him. XD Got him from my little sis ... after she ruined him. I heard that that Charizard plush is a fake, he looks decent though, I had no idea they make such good booties. : D Also, my Raichus. I love the Raichu, he's so strong and cute and his voice is very nice. Sadly, this is all I've got.
Here we are, my fav section; The grass type toys! That Bulba plush was my first collectible, I love him. Then, there's the Meowth and Oddish and the horrible looking Eevee booty plush ... I'm happy the batteries are dead, her singing was awful. XD
A close-up of teh Bulbas. That dark one is a really bad Booty but his pose is so cool. Ivy is a booty too but I was surprised at how well he is made. O_O
Here's my twin's and some of mine. Her loved Squirtle and my Togepi stuff. (Since we collect everything together, she always says that it's ours, I do agree, we never do anything without the other XD).
And the last thing, a Squirtle that I have no idea where we got and a Meowth that once talked and HAD a tail ... my little sister is a demon. XD

Right now, I am looking for a Turtwig plush, the chibi style 5 one, a Piplup and some fat plushies that I can get my paws on. The Platinum DS game is already on mah want list, getting that next month.

Sorry for the long post, the crappy picks and my ranting. ^^" I don't really know how to LJ-cut yet so it may not work the way it is supposed too.
Anyway, I am very pleased to finnaly be here.

Tags: collection, introductions
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