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Auction Reminder + DX Mew Pokedoll Offers!


Just a reminder that my Pikachu and Raichu auctions end in about 10 hours. Raichu is at his starting bid and shiny Pikachu doesn't have any bids yet.

Click the images to be transported :)

I also have a DX Mew Pokedoll that I've decided to put up for offers. I have been very reluctant to put this up because it is one of my absolute favourite plushes in my collection (tied with DX Wailord). Sadly, I can't give it the love it deserves as other commitments take over my life.

PokePark 2005 DX Mew Pokedoll - Offers start at $280.

Additional Images
IMG_1188IMG_1189 IMG_1191edit


  • In very good condition with tush tag only.

  • Very small spots and semi-visible dirt.

  • Tail is still attached to the back of the head.

Not sure if I needed to include this again, but just in case:
Sales permit from entirelycliched in April 2013.
Feedback is here.
I think I'll end offers some time on Friday.
Payment must be made within 24 hours after accepting offer and receiving total.
No trades / partial trades! There's only one thing I want and I doubt anyone will offer it for DX Mew.

Please give this Mew a loving home. He deserves that much.

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