SoftMonKeychains (anaildapinto) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Handmade Keychains are Back!

Hi beloved community! I'm Ana, usually nicknamed as SoftMonKeychains, a crafter who joined this place last year with 100% customized handmade commissions! During the last months I spent a lot of time working in several improvements and new offers to give you a more vast and better quality work always thinking in everyone's best personalized interests!

So what I have to offer? Customized keychains! What are those? Simple! I craft keychains of ANY pokemon you would like! It can be shiny, or normal colored or even with personalized accessories or unique designs of your own! (Ocs or characters from different franchises are equally allowed!)

Back then I presented one kind of handmade keychains but now, thank to your kind commissions who allowed me to afford better equipment, I have one other brand new variation with more refined quality! But allow me to give proper information about both kinds I have to offer:

Regular Keychains!

Regular keychains are right the same sort I presented last year!
Those are called regular because the wood base's quality and thickness is average. In another words, in order the keychain become sturdy, the pose is simple. It's the cheapest variation I have to offer and the buyer has the right to pick one of 2 optional poses. After the keychain is done, the original sketches of the poses will be offered in the package for free!
Price (per keychain): 12 USD (plus 2 USD for shipping)

Now there's the newest variation:

Sturdy Keychains!

Sturdy keychains, as the name suggests, consists in a sturdier wooden base! With that, the keychain becomes much more resistant than the regular variation and allows more dynamic and creative poses for the character, with almost no limits! The buyer has the right to pick between 3 optional poses. The three original sketches are also delivered by free!
Price (per keychain): 20.5 USD (plus 2 USD for shipping)

I can send the keychains for any part of the world, the shipping price is fixed!

So those are my current offers! If you are interested, please comment in this entry stating which characters you would like to get as your unique keychain! Soon as possible I will enter in contact with you via message to start the production ;)

That's all! Feel free to grant me your requests!

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
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