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A Collection Update for the Ages!

Oh my gosh have I missed you all.
It's been a WHILE since I truly updated with a proper collection update, and I can finally reclaim my collecting life since I recently (and finally!!!) graduated from my university!!! Yaaaaay!!! GO GATORS
So before I dive head-first into professional/grad school, I thought I should pop in and update with a true and proper collection update for the first time in a pretty long time, haha.
So I guess it's time for a short and sweet reintroduction!  My name is Geena, I'm 21, and I am primarily a collector of Kyurem, the coolest and most awesome ice dragon in all of Unova! I also casually collect Whiscash, Porygon, Sandshrew, and Maggyo/Stunfisk. But it's mostly my ice baby!

So here we go you guys!
THE COLLECTION UPDATE (that actually has no Kyurem collection's a bunch of stuff I like!)
(I also apologize in advance for the horribly lit photos and if the cuts go awry! )

Collection Update!!!!!

First update is GROUDON! I've had that Kyogre forever...I remember going to KB Toys and begging my mom to get him for me, haha. But I never convinced her to get Groudon. But now that I'm an -adult-, I FINALLY GOT THE PAIR.
The RSE legendaries definitely have a place in my heart, and I'm glad have completed this duo c:
They even go on all sort of adventures together!

NO YOU GUYS, NOT LIKE THAT! That doesn't even make sense!

Next up is the PLUSHIES!
I got Keldeo WAAAAY back, we're talking when it was first released from Japan (what, a year and a half ago-ish?), and it's still my precious baby. I got that Ho-oh even before that (before I even got sales permission in 2012!!!!), so....yeah this update is a little delayed, haha.
That Charizard was a gift from my best friend who lives in Japan, who sent me a birthday package and it was something I was completely not it holds a really special place on my display cubbie <3
And the HELIOPTILE ugh it's so freaking cute. I couldn't say no. It's definitely not even one of my favorite pokes but I just had to get him...LOOK AT THEM EYES.
I feel like I'm missing someone though...


Alright Porygon fine, you get your own photo. Geesh.
So MINI PORYGON SIDE COLLECTION UPDATE! I finally got the charm and the clear kid, and they fit perfectly with my teeny tiny Porygon figure <3 And when I managed to finally snag my secret grail, the Porygon-Z plush, from a member of the comm I couldn't control it. It's so cute and perfect and PORYGONS YOU GUYS.
They're the best.

I also got this GORGEOUS giant Xerneas Tomy from my uncle as a university graduation gift...because I may have my Bachelor's, but I didn't have a good sized Xerneas figure and he definitely fixed that for me!
It's so beautiful and elegant, I absolutely love it. It's surprisingly sturdy and poseable too, so I definitely recommend it!

He likes to hang out with the dog pack on my desk....pretty sure that vicious-looking wolf thing wants to attack his horns, haha.

He also balances surprisingly well on the giant Godzilla (that my uncle got he as another graduation gift! HE KNOWS ME SO WELL). So this is often the scene when someone enters my house....a little weird but c'mon, Xerneas riding Godzilla???

I also got this really big talking Charizard!!! Well, my 10-year-old cousin actually found it in a consignment shop and got it for I cried because she's a kid and thinks of me when she sees Charizards <33
I did some research on what it was when I first got it, but I don't quite was from 2007-8 if I'm not mistaken? From the Pokemon Advanced series? The only one I found was a MIP one on Amazon, so if any of ya'll have any more information I'd love to hear!

It even works!!!! You pull the tail back and his arms go up and jaw opens with a cool light-up tongue, and he goes 'RAAAAAAAArrraa, raaa.' PRETTY AWESOME.

Here he is looking...a little weird with the Charizard Pokedoll, haha. Small Charizard collection forming perhaps???? Regardless, they're both gifts from really cool people and sometimes I get sentimental about my pokeman so I'm just really happy ahhh c:

Most recently I got this Helioptile chupa on a whim, just because I love figures with vibrant and unique poses (which is unfortunately rarely the case with my baby Kyurem :c). He is tiny though!! And came MIP, so I'm debating of just leaving the little lizard in its packaging, safe and sound. Which I probably will.
But I also so desperately want to gently tape him to things all over the house and just giggle when I see his wiggly body trying to walk all over....I LOVE LIZARDS OKAY.

Oh and hey charms! I have my Kyurem and Whiscash charms NIP, but these dudes came at reasonable prices and I just had to get them c: Definitely have a soft spot for the #001 pokemon!

Speaking of random little side collections that kind of just happened....MAGGYO MAGG.
I know I posted an upload with the passcase when I first got it a long long time ago, but I got the clearfile somewhat shortly after and I LOVE IT YOU GUYS. IT'S SO AMAZING.
Do you know what it's like to open you professional school notebook and seeing a flood of Maggyo faces staring back at you??? Do you?????? Because it's pretty great, haha.

Also got this AWESOME Maggyo strap that is now my official phone buddy, and there's nothing like shopping at Home Depot for appliances and having to hand your phone over to the general manager so that she can negotiate with you dad, and you forget about the Maggyo strap and have to see her struggle so that it doesn't smack her in the face as she talks. True story.
The adventures we have gone through together, Maggyo.

Also got some cool pans for my tablet case! Again, gotta represent my love for Bulbasaur, and I thought that Kyogre sticker was just too cool for school; again, gotta love cool designs!!! My Kyurem pans are safely mint and tucked away of course c:

(Ignore my awesome Godzilla wallpaper) So the tablet case works in such a way that you have to lift the tablet off of the keyboard thingy so that it lays flat against the keyboard in order for it to close, which requires you to lift the tablet and push it back, revealing the part of the keyboard where the power button is. And when you do....

WAAAAAA surprise trollface Maggyo!!!!!!! Looking at you all smug, wondering what you're doing, popping up on you all like 'HAHA, I was here the whole time! Hahahahaha'.
Best decision I've ever made.

I also have a quick question!
My friend from Japan got me this keychain along with the Charizard (can she be any more precious???), and though Lugia is my -secret favorite legendary,- I can't for the life of me find any information on this keychain. I have a feeling it's from the somewhat-recently released Lugia promo from a year or two ago, but I couldn't really prove that. If anyone recognizes this key chain and can tell me any more information on it, I would really appreciate it! It has a clear backing and is a pretty decent size; check it out under the cut!


I'm also here to announce!!!!!
That finally!!!!! After years of being a member of this comm and tons of impromptu sales post!!! I have decided to open a shop!!!!
Coming very soon to a PKMNCollectors community near you....
Furfrou's Boutique

Coming really really soon!!!

(Sales permission granted on 4/2/12 by entirelycliched, just in case it's needed!)
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