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Hello, beloved community!

Sorry in advance for the wordiness, if I need to put this under a cut because it's so wordy please let me know! ;A;

I haven't been on here in at least a year now because I've been so busy with school and haven't had like any money at all to spend unwisely on Pokemon merchandise. XD

So I've decided to more or less make a re-introduction post!

I'm volbeatwaltz, I've been a member here since about 2011, I'm 20 years old, and I've co-hosted a couple of GA's in the distant past. My favorite region is Hoenn and my favorite Pokemon is skitty. I used to collect kids but since I didn't consider the sheer amount of kids that I would need to complete my collection and the amount of money I would have to pay, I'm more interested in unusual merch like the wailmer pail figurine that I got on here several years ago. :3

I casually collect cards as well! I have 3 5-inch binders full of them (they're super organized, of course) and have invested quite a bit into some of the more rare cards hehe but it's totally worth it because I love the art. I've spent hours upon hours before in card stores looking through boxes of thousands of cards and I love it. :)

My pride and joy is my dx wailord pokedoll, Waily (original name, I know). He's a bit pilled, but he's my fave and to many collectors' chagrin, I sleep with him every night and he's full of all of my hopes and dreams and occasional drool. I got him a few years back on Y!JA as my first deputy purchase and although it was expensive he's really worth it. :)

I'm going to make a sales post eventually (sales permission granted by dakajojo sometime in 2011, I can't quite remember) hopefully because I need money for school (and summer vacation) and have a bunch of stuff lying around that I feel other collectors would appreciate a lot more than me. It's really just a matter of motivation, which I'm really lacking right now because of finals.

Anyways, I'm excited to be back and I hope to be an at least semi-active member here again over the next however long I have before I go into super-busy mode again. :)

And before I leave, I have a couple of low-level wants that I may or may not be interested in right now, depending on the price!

I remember seeing this skitty bag on the comm a long time ago and regret never buying it. :( It's kind of a mini-grail right now but I'm not too concerned with getting it asap.

I'm more really looking for the 2013 Pkmncollectors pathtag. I have the 2012 one and I love it. One of the last things I remember when I was here was seeing all of the pathtag surveys and stuff going on, but I left before they actually went on sale. If there's anyone that has one that feels that 2013 is outdated by now, I'd love to take it off your hands for the right price! :)

Also, is/has there been any word on if there's going to be a 2014 one? I really like them because it's a more subtle form of showing that I'm a completely and utterly hopeless fangirl.
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