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My awesome finds

Hey, does anyone remember me? Sorry its been so long , school and all that. I have a few things for sale under the cut. I'm not sure what price to set them at, so please help me?
(warning: image heavy)

Here's a nice find...

Pocket Pikachu Color (for Gold and Silver?) Secrets Book

This book is from 1999. It is 96 pages long and is in great condition! There is some wear to the dust jacket, but the inside is like new and unmarked!

It comes with stickers too! Two are missing unfortunately, but the rest are completely untouched. So cute!

This book goes through every aspect of the game, PIXEL BY PIXEL @_@

I believe these are the notes for every sound in the game... maybe so you can recreate them?
There are also some ads in the back, vintage 1999.
I can't find this for sale on any website. I've searched by title and ISBN and found nothing. Does anyone know what it might be worth, or should I auction it? Please let me know ^^;

This is a 6" tomy meowth plush. There is no year listed, but it looks pretty old. Anybody know anything about it? This guy is $3 ^^

One more I'm not sure of. I bought it because I thought it was a zukan, but its a 2004 tomy Venusaur figure (durr)
Again, I don't know what it's worth ^^;

This guy is $7. He is brand new, I opened the box to see if it was clear.

Shipping policy- Paypal only, Us only. Priority shipping is a flat rate of $4, items can be combined. Books are $2 each.

And finally, thanks so much for looking! ^^

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