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Pokedoll star tag differences and Lugia

Hey fellow collectors!

So today, my 2012 Japanese Lugia Pokedoll I ordered from Noppin arrived in the mail.

What I noticed is that its tag was kinda different from my other 2012 Pokedolls.

So I was wondering if this is normal?
If so, I thought it would be interesting to show you the differences, so I made some photos with tag comparisons.

Has anyone of you noticed this before, or does anyone of you have a Lugia Pokedoll and could compare your tags to mine?

Here you can see Raichu and Charizard tags in comparison.
I know that both are legit since both came from sunyshore.
As you can see, the tags look basically the same colorwise with only slight differences in color intensity.


But here is the Lugia tag.
Everything is fine, but what I noticed is that its color is significantly darker than on the other tags. In order to illustrate this, I put the tag next to Charizard's tag. Is this normal?


I also photographed the backs of the tags.
Here are Charizard and Raichu. They look exactly the same (except for the different product numbers and such).


Here's Lugia's tag.
As you can see, it looks slightly different. The text and the dots within the square look different, the square is smaller, and most importantly, it completely misses the second choking warning sign that can be seen under the first sign on the Charizard and Raichu tags.


I also photographed the tag of my Riolu Pokedoll, which hasn't got any choking warning signs at all and otherwise looks way different, but I thought it was due to the different release date which is 2009. As far as the front is concerned, it has basically the same color intensity as Raichu and Charizard though.


So I was wondering if this is normal? I noticed slight color intensitiy differences before, but I've never seen a tag being that much darker compared to others. It would really be helpful if you could have a look at the tags of your Pokedolls and help me out with this. :)

I also compared their tush tags, and it seems that the color intensitiy differs.
On my Charizard's tush tag, the font is really dark and intense, whereas on my Raichu it is slightly lighter, but on my Lugia, it is even lighter than both on Charizard and Raichu.

The back of my Lugia's tush tag looks like this:


Otherwise, my Lugia looks just perfect as you can see.
I know I am way too paranoid about bootlegs, but as I said, I was just wondering about the tag differences. ^^;





What I noticed as well is that Lugia's thumbs are just one flat piece of paper sewn in between its other "fingers". I always thought they were stuffed? Is this normal for Lugia Pokedolls? I looked it up on the internet but couldn't find any good photos where one could see its thumbs.


Thanks for reading and watching :)
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