chikachikorita (chikachikorita) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Two Cute Gets!

I just got two packages in the mail today that I was super excited to see! When I was younger, I had one of those Jumbo Pikachu Plushes from Hasbro in 1999 that I loved to death. However, at some point in middle school, I decided that I was forever done with Pokemon and sold my buddy in a tag sale.

My buddy came back! I'm so excited! I know it is not the same Jumbo Pika that I abandoned years ago, but it sure feels like it! Such a happy reunion!

I also got this little cutie in the mail today:

A large Tomy Buizel push! I was concerned about the condition he would come in since he was only ~$8 with shipping from eBay, but he seems very nice! His fur is so soft! I'm fairly certain that he is legit, but correct me if I am wrong!
Tags: buizel, pikachu
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