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MASSIVE Sylveon Update! Shirts, shorts, bags, towels, it's all here!

Hey guys, been a while! But I'm still here and still crazy collecting what seems to be one of the more popular vee's. I've offically hit the border of my 2ND WALL. I just have to fill in a few gaps here and there and then it's onto trying to make the 3rd wall work (3rd wall happens to be close to a kitty climbing tower so keeping it kitty proof will be a tad bit harder). Anyways take a peek under the cut for larger photos (as always, if you click the photos you may view full size :3)


First up is my Sylveon clothing! It's a nighty set (I am so in love with the cute little shorts, they have a cute little Sylveon tag sewn onto the left let). I was so excited to find this without the major competition her clothing usually goes for >_< I haven't seen anyone else with this yet so you bet I jumped all over it! I'm very happy that it fits too, I was worried it might be too small, but it's a perfect fit :3

Then is the girls undershirt that everyone went crazy over recently, luckily I snagged this one off eBay for way less than the bidding I'd gotten into earlier XD This is the same size as the nighty (120) but appears smaller, this had me super worried! >_< But the fabric is very stretchy, much like a cami and looks great.

Underneath that is the cute graphic tee (with that dang Pikachu), this one doesn't seem to be as well made as the rest. The graphic feels really stiff and like it will eventually begin cracking :< Shame because this is one of my favorite lines/images. This one is also rather large at 150. I plan to have it taken in by a seamstress soon so that it too may get some wearing out. Also I forgot to take a picture, but the back of the shirt has a reflective Sylveon sillohuette, it bounces light off of it like crazy, it's similar to workout clothing that has the reflective strip.

Lastly is the happy party time shirt, this one is a more adult and toned down shirt, very decorative. I love it. Fits loosely but not in a baggy way if that makes any sense? Definitely my favorite to throw on when the day is nice and breezy.

Next up is my 2nd wall of Sylveon. I've received quite a few towels, a puzzle, clearfiles, and even the tote bag (which incidentally is waaaaaaaay larger than I expected). I love that the inside of the tote bag has pockets for pencils, cellphones and other things to keep the inside organized, I really wish they had done this for the Boston bag! That super reflective thing is actually the bento bag, the plastic likes to bounce light for some odd reason. Also in there are the sparkly cards/sticker cards, gashapon advertisements, horizontal pressed penny, birthday card, moncolle figure and rubber strap.

Also if you look up and to the right you can see my other collections (at least the plush portion). Got a bunch of new togekisses in and finally got a kutakuta togepi! She doesn't have her hang tag, but her tush tag is there, I was super excited to only have to pay 300yen for her, I wasn't sure I was going to pick one up otherwise due to her high price point. Also my swirlix babies :3 I can't wait to get the pokecen plush, if anyone has him and is looking to sell, I'm buying!!!

Lastly is a picture of my 1st wall again so you can get an idea of just how massive the collection has gotten. I really can't believe it's come this far. *_* I had originally intended to stop with all the plushes, but something just took over...

I really hope you enjoy my collection and please feel free to ask questions about items or anything really, I love to get to know my fellow collectors! <3
Tags: collection update, flabebe, swirlix, sylveon, togekiss, togepi
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