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WE SORT OF WON! LOL- Tomy Mascot GA Reminder!

UPDATE ON THE GA: salamence646 made the original post so they will update that one as soon as I know the details- basically we technically lost the GA to another bidder- but fortunately that bidder turned out to be a banned person from baconscreation's sales due to them reselling at crazy prices- so baconscreation wants these items to go to the commmunity instead- I will have salamence646 update the orginal post as soon as I hear back from baconscreation ^_^

UPDATE ON THE GA #2: baconscreation got back to me with with the total amount we won the GA for- it was the last bid I placed on the auction. Here is the screen shot:

tomy mascot ga 2

Again, salamence646 will go ahead and update the original post when they wake- and they will also make a new post with everyone's totals and the speadsheets ^_^

Hey guys! This is just a reminder that the wonderful Tomy Mascot GA ends in 5 1/2 hours! ^_^ So let's get those final bids in to win it! Also, Psyduck is the only one with no bids! He starts at $5, so if you want him, get him now!

The countdown timer is HERE:

I will be at work when the auction ends, but I will take a break a few minutes before it ends to get the final bids in.
Here's the original post:

tomy mascot ga
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