Soli (solishark) wrote in pkmncollectors,

FromJapan Questions + Looking for venusaur pokedoll charm

So i finally dived in and started using FromJapan. I have all my items ready for the shipment to be arranged, but I have a few questions. First, it says I cannot ship them out because my profile is incomplete. It wants me to add an address line 2, but I don't live in an apartment so I'm confused what to put there, so what do you guys put?

Also I am kind of concerned about the payment 2 charges because of the recent problems on here. I am afraid of being overcharged. I have 2 medium plush, and 2 small figures that I want to ship together. First, is this possible? And I what would be an outrageous shipping price for these items? Also is there any way I would know if an item was lost on the way? In the status bar it says they were all received and to add the shipping instruction. If anyone has any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

I am just really looking forward to these items and don't want to do anything wrong, especially since I haven't used a deputy service before. Super excited because I ordered two of these babies! I have considered it my grail. It's just so perfect ;__; (Not my photo)


Also, I am looking to buy a venusaur pokedoll charm that came with the charizard, blastoise, and mewtwo set. I am wanting the charm by itself but might also be interested in partial sets if you don't want to separate. The venusaur pokedoll artwork is just too cute, one of my favorite alternate official artwork of him c:

(This picture is also not mine if you want it taken down let me know)
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