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My entire collection so far!

My vileplume plushie that I won from neeko48's auction arrived today! So happy with it. So I thought I might as well do a big post and share my entire pokemon collection excluding the films and games. Hope you enjoy looking at the pictures.

This is my manga bookshelf. Underneath are puzzles, trading cards, general comics and where I keep my flats ect.

Vileplume high on milkshake. ^-^
Sylveon! And a gameboy keyring next to it. It was also a picture viewer. It was when the first generation of pokemon came out.

Meloetta! Inside the cup are my preorder slips for Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire and Super Smash Bros. 4. And the oddish pokemon centre charms are precious. My favourite evolution line.

Nidorino keyring came from Burger King. Serpeior, Latias, Oshoawott and Jirachi came fromm New York's Nintendo World.

I loved this Topegi as a kid. It would move and talk. Still works but needs more batteries. Below are where I look after my pokemon cards. I also have loads stuffed in a pink lunch bag under my bed. Those cards are mainly the common gen i cards.

The pikachu bag was bought in poundland over a decade ago it's where all my flats are kept. The marbles are in the meowth and hitmonlee bags. Let's have a closer look!

Flats and promo cards. And A keyring book. How time flies. WP_20140522_010
Vileplume keyring also came from Burgerking. Bellossom and Infernape were from a car boot sale.

Below: Giratina figure from pre-ordering Platinum. Iris and Cilan charm. More figures. Forgot what they're called but some of them have the silver ball at the bottom and they roll around. WP_20140522_015
My pokemon jewellry and Fennekin plush keyring. The charms are in this photo as well because sometimes I add them to bracelets.Since the last photo, I have also got two more necklaces, Rainbowcastle made the Blissey necklace below, but can't remember who made the bellossom one. I'll check.

Pokemon pillow! I saw this in a toy shop on holiday and I couldn't resist. Looks so awesome. Below is a Marill puzzle was from a car boot sale and got for very cheap. I'm happy all the pieces are in it as well.

The goomy shirt is amazing. It's so comfortable. Chespin and Froakie were so adorable. The pikachu bag is awesome and the big pikachu plushie was a big surprisse because when I picked it up from the shop it started talking. So cute. I might give the charmander plushie to my boyfriend because I already have one but not sure.

Kalos starters from New York. I thought I forgot to put them in the picture below but I didn't. Shiny Goomy plushie is from gearcraft from Etsy. Worth every penny. Below you can see the big Unova starters, ore pikachu. Jigglypuff, Togepi, another custom Goomy and two bellossoms and lots more. I bought most of them from online, charity shops, toy shops and conventions.

Custom Shiny Mega Gardevoir and Shiny Sylveon Charms from Etsy. So adorable.

This is actually quite old. Still in nice condition but a bit tight on my head now.

Cleffa, Igglypuff, Togepi, Squirtle and Blissey were bought together in a lot. Zubat and Meloetta are from godudette. Thank you very much. The Jessie and James figure was also brought from her. Thank you very much.

A nice picture I wanted to share

Isabelle, Kirby and Pokemon enjoying pizza at a streetpass event.

A group picture with all of my figures, keyrings and 3-D charms. I love them all. I did a terrible job repainting Bellossom and Blissey but I still love them. Also one of the Bellossom charms, the one wiith her arms near her mouth, I have another one of them, but she is on my keys.

My amazing Fennekin bag and lot of Burger King toys. They're so precious. My favourites from this lot are the Dewgong Twins and Dragonair. At first I thought it was Dratini and one seal and one dewgong. The rest were clear in the product photo. I guess they evolved during shipping.

All the new plushes are settling in very well.

Cyndaquil is also a new kid on the block. I love these plushies so much.

Thanks for looking guys. It was nice sharing these with you all. I've got some more stuff coming though.
Things I'm waiting for include:
Oddish Plush
Diancie Plush
Diancie Charm
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