luciferbram (luciferbram) wrote in pkmncollectors,

I Return In Search Of Shedinjas

Hello again everyone! I've been gone for a while to avoid spending money on every Pokémon ever but now I am back to continue my search for Shedinja's.

It's proven quite difficult to find what Shedinja merch there actually is so to make things easier I've taken a photo of my collection thus far.

sheddy collection

Obviously the crochet Shedinja is custom and the bootleg is... well, a bootleg but everything else is the real deal. That little clear bag behind the Shedinja kid is the Shedinja and Ninjask from the zukan which is actually one of the things I know that I want. Either the Nincada and base and pegs or a full zukan, either is good. In case it's not amazingly clear the kid next to the stamp is actually the clear Shedinja kid which is the only one I've ever seen and I feel so lucky to have it. (It was bought for me by herar ) But yes! If anyone has any Shedinja merch that isn't in that picture then please let me know and chances are I'll buy it from you. Flats count since there's so little stuff of the poor guy. Nincada line things count too, as should be clear from the zukan I guess but I just wanted to be clear.

Thank you ahead of time for any help provided!
Tags: shedinja, wanted
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