Lilly (raichu_love) wrote in pkmncollectors,

Very Special Sales!

Hi there community, today I have some pretty neat stuff up for sale. How neat, you may ask? Here's a small preview of one rare little beauty :)


- I was granted sales permission by allinia on 3/23/14. Feedback can be found here.
- I ship from NY, USA and do not ship internationally at this time.
- Items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
- I am a fairly quick shipper but if something comes up, I will let you know.
- I only accept PayPal.
- Payment must be made within 24 hours of committing, if not I will move on to the next person that wants it and negative feedback will be left.
- Prices do not include shipping/PayPal fees.
- Please indicate whether you are buying or asking for a quote.
- Those who commit to an item first gets priority, please keep this in mind!!
- I am willing to hold, but only for 24 hours.
- No haggling accepted at this time.
- No trades accepted at this time!

In case you were wondering what the Pikachu preview was, it is none other than the ultra special Pikachu PlushPlush with it's original tag attached!


Asking price is $180 plus shipping/PP fees. A payment plan can be arranged. SOLD!

Squirtle pokedoll MWT- $18
Vaporeon Kyun Chara- $16
Vaporeon mini Pokedoll- $15

Audino canvas MWT- $25 SOLD
Drifloon canvas (tush tag only)- $35
Chikorita canvas (tush tag only, 2007 version)- $20
Shinx canvas (tush tag only)- $24
Chikorita fluffy plush MWT- $25


Jolteon Minky Pokedoll MWT- $40 SOLD
Amigurumi Chimchar (tush tag only)- $25

Thanks for looking :)
Tags: canvas, chikorita, chimchar, jolteon, pikachu, sales, squirtle
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