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Small Update + Wants

Hi everybody! :3 Incredible, I haven't been in this community for THAT long, but my collection has pretty much tripled already n__n Oh collecting, what a joyous... wallet-wrecking.. experience. :')

Anyways here are pics to my collection when I FIRST Joined the community:

...3~4 months later? Actually when I first joined the community I never really felt as if I was really going to y'know.. get into it too seriously. Oh boy oh boy, I really love talking to everybody here and seeing everybody's collections, everybody has a great way to display their own collection and so many of you have been collecting for YEARS and YEARS (like since the elementary school years LOOL) and that's really amazing. :') I hope I can catch up with the rest of you. But yeah, here's my collection as of now. I'm still waiting on around four packages right now, and one carries my grail <3 So excited to get my hands on it after so long! >:D
photo 4
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
Special thank you to polahbear for selling me her gizamimi pichu! It's my favorite plush right now in there :') Besides the eevees though. And also to everybody else who helped me find stuff or hosted GAs! <3
Yep yep, still loving those eevees. :') I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT FOR THE LITTLE JAPAN PROMOTION FOR THE POKEMON CENTER, the art work is just so gorgeous.

WANTED: Pokemon Y
And also now for wants.. one of my friend is having a birthday coming up, and I'd absolutely love to get him a copy of Pokemon Y if it's possible [since I was planning to get him a 3DS too] (I think you can recall that last time I posted a wanted post, it was also for a copy of Pokemon Y, my other friend loves it just as much since he plays more than I do, so thanks herar!). I just think Pokemon's the best present that I can get him since he never played Pokemon ever again after he moved from Japan when he was 7. :') IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO START YOUR POKEMON JOURNEY~ So yes, if you have an old copy of Pokemon Y that you're willing to trade or sell to me, then please do tell and I hope that we can work out a deal n_n
WANTED: Rayquaza Items
Also, since there are so many June birthdays, another one of my friend ADORES rayquaza and Hoenn, she was THRILLED as heck when she heard about ORAS, so I was hoping to maybe find something rayquaza for her, preferably a plush. (She also likes Persona [JPN] (yes the video game/anime LOOL), I'm not sure if that's allowed on that post but I'd also prefer any Persona items or an anime post section yes n__n) I'd prefer shipping to be from USA since her birthday is a tad bit soon whoops
Also I put in a little (slightly unupdated oops) wants section of my livejournal if anybody wants to take a look at that :] Though I probably won't be able to afford it right now, it'd be useful to see if I could find any of those items anytime after I get a little bit more wiggle money after the big June birthdays shake off x__X

Happy birthday to all of the May and June birthdays! <3
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