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something kinda neat and group buy

Also I want to make a group purchase for a lot of phone charms and wanted to know if you can ask for payment on the items before you have them in hand but when you're ready to buy them?

ok now that this is answered, here's the group buy. I found the lickilicky phone charm I've been having HELL to get at a good price here. As said, the only one of the 6 I want is the lickilicky, so the other 5 are up for grabs.

---The only method of payment I can accept is paypal in this case.

--- I ship internationally *forgot to mention that*

---If you want one of the others its either 2.00$ (1 dollar for the charm, 50 cents dollar for the initial shipping and 50 cents for shipping to your place) if you want it sent by regular envelope (not recommended) or 4.00 (1 dollar for the charm, 50 cents for the initial shipping and 2 dollars for shipping to your place and bubble envelope) for a bubble envelope.

---If enough interest is put into this I will buy it and ask for payment afterwards. PLEASE DO NOT dissapear or change your mind after you say you want one or more of the charms: it be like coming out to eat with a person and running off when the bill hits the table ;.;. No fun.

---More than one person can claim the same charm but its first comes first served, if the first person fails to pay within 24 hours it goes to the next person so don't be afraid to ask for the same charm.

Darkrai- zachary_sparkle

EDIT: I was able to find the same items for slightly more but only the ones we want here but I will charge the same for them if you use the bubble envelope method (but 1 dollar more if you use the envelope one in order to cover all the costs). please pay now :3
Tags: group auction
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