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Oddish Tomy fuzzy plush auction & card lot sales

Hello all ~ I'm coming with small sales and an auction again! :3 I have a cute oddish tomy fuzzy plush up for auction and new card sales!
I have sort my cards by the pokemon-type! I have also some very rare cards sorted out from my personal collection! Feel free to take a look :3

>>>>>>>>>EDIT: Auction is over! <<<<<<<<<<

Oddish tomy fuzzy plush auction will start now for 1 week and ends next sunday on midnight 00:00 (middle-european time)

- Sales permission granted by godudette on may 2013
- Shipping is from germany worldwide
- Paypal only
- Minimum purchase please is 5$
- New: Payment is done within 48 hours - if you have payment problems please tell/ask me before you bid
- I ship without insurance. If you want insurance, please tell me. Otherwise I'm not responsible for lost items!
- I ship by priority/airmail - it may take 1-4 weeks for international shipping
- All things comes from a non-smoking and cat-/dogless home
- Haggling is allowed!

Additional auction rules:
- auction starts now for 1 week and ends on next sunday, 1 june at midnight 00:00 (middle-european time)
- please bid in increments of 1$ or more
- no sniping!

All pkmncollectors rules apply.

Shipping fees (worldwide):
- up to 20 flats: 2,00$
- over 20 flats or non-flats: 4,50$

Paypal fees:
- 0,50$ per purchase

Starts @10$!

Sorry that the pics are so mini! >_< Please note that many of my cards are in german!

Minimum purchase please 5$!

- bandai cards oddish&gloom: 2.50$ each
- bandai card raichu: 5$
- rare sticker card with pikachu&co: 5$
- dedenne holo kid sticker: 1.50$
- bulbasaur pan sticker: 1$
- rare pokedex card clefairy doll: 3$

- tcg lot pidgey,pidgeotto: 2$ for the lot

cute togepi&togekiss: 1$ together

Bug-type pokemon lot 7$
Holos: Paras,Parasect,Weedle,butterfree topps&spinarak+tannza boomer
parasect has a bend!

Fire-type pokemon lot 5$
Holos: Rapidash topps,1 arcanine boomer, bootie cyndaquil/typhlosion card

Poison-type pokemon lot 5$
Holos: 1x gligor, 1x zubat

Ghost-type lot: 3$ no holos

Human lot 3$
Holos:1x misty,james,brock,1xcardlist

Bird pokemon lot 3$
Holos: 1xdodou

Normal pokemon lot 5$
Holos: 1xratticate,kangaskan toppsx1boomer,wigglytuff,togepy,damhirplex

Water starter lot 4$
Holos: squirtle,blastoise&totodile boomers

Water-type lot 6$
Holos: topps seel,1xtentacruel,1xpoliwag boomer,psyduck&marill boomer

Plant-type lot 7$
Please note: vileplume 3Dcard and weepinbell boomer are not mint! (bends)
Holos: Chikorita&belossom boomer,weepinbell topps,eggse..topps

Psycho-type lot 4$
Holos: 1x wobuffet, 1x girafarig boomer
hypno boomer has a bend!

Rock,ground&fight lot 5$
Holos: rasaff,machope,machomp,1xgraveler topps
marowak boomer has a bend!

electro lot 5$
No holos

ehm..fossil lot xD 1$
No holos, lapras has scratches

Cute gen.2 pokemon lot 2.50$
Holos: quagsire

Thanks all for looking/bidding/buying and have a nice weekend!!

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