Evey (ville_valo) wrote in pkmncollectors,

so these came out (wants)

and i need three of them.
normal mpc
three of those furrets.

they just came out but for those of you in japan I'm wondering if you can get them from the ufo catchers, it would be much appreciated, or whoever can get their hands on one or maybe a website that'll sell them?? I know it's really early but just asking in case!! i'm trying to avoid y!j because darn surprise fees everywhere.scary

also I updated my wants a whole lot and made it all pretty so check it out please :)
i'm pretty low on funds right now so i'm only looking for specific things so If I decline something you offer from my wants please don't be offended D': <33
images (20)uFGplAd
(main want ^ are you tired of seeing him yet? I'm tired of not being able to get him yet so you will all suffer with me) >:)

and finally a update will happen once I get my sunyshore package. I can't wait :D.


also also, I can't add the furfrou tag, have all the 6th gen pokemon been added to the tags yet? I see some but don't feel like going through all of them, all I know is furfrou isn't there.

thank you all as always for looking <33
Tags: chansey, ditto, furfrou, furret, jigglypuff, latias, latios, mpc, snorlax, wanted, wants
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