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Give these new homes Sales + Milotic figurine

After going through my collections for trimming, I come with some sales! There's quite a few "just pay shipping" items/figurines and other stuff to go. My most prized Milotic item is going to be up for offers so please give it a look! I'd love to give these things a good home before I move in a couple weeks. :)


+ I got sales permission from Lineaabla April 2010!

+ I have a smoke-free, pet friendly home. Several of these items have been on display so they may be dusty.

+ Because of my full time work schedule I can only ship on Saturdays so please have patience with shipping. These orders will be shipped on Saturdays only.

+ I ship from the USA, and prices do no include shipping. I will be shipping everything via bubble mailer, so if you would want stronger packaging/a box you need to let me know. Small figurines will be sent in a small box then sent in a bubble mailer.

+ Payment is due within 24 hours of auctions ending.

+ I have the right to refuse service to anyone, especially if they have poor feedback.

+ Once a package leaves it is out of my hands so I will not take responsibility for something I have no control over.

+ I will only be sending orders domestically this time around.

+ Auctions will end Thursday, at 7:00 pm PST.

+ My feedback can be found here:

Onto sales, shall we?

Milotic Figurine: $50.00 OBO
I love this piece more than anything else that has been in my Milotic collection. It was made by the one and only Caffwin and is beyond perfection. Unfortunately it has also been in a storage container so I think it would be the best to send it to a home that will display her. :)

Japanese Oshawott Pokedoll w/detached tag: $20.00
Japanese Litwick w/Tag: $20.00
Japanese Litwick w/o tag: $15.00
Buizel Pokedoll: $20.00 - SOLD

Chandelure Bag: $10.00

Lilligant Figure: $10.00
Hydreigon Pokedoll Figure: $10.00

Eevee: $2.00
Cyndaquil: $2.00 - SOLD
Munna: $2.00
Petlil: $2.00 - SOLD

Chandelure Figure: $10.00 - SOLD
Clear Froslass Kid: $10.00
Rumble Litwick Figure MINT: $5.00

Hydreigon Line Lot: $10.00

Pisces Milotic/Shiny Milotic Necklace: $5.00 - SOLD

Longer/Stretched Milotic Figure: $10.00 - SOLD
Milotic on Pokeball figurine: Just pay her shipping at $4.42! - SOLD

The Just Pay Shipping items:

Woobat Walky Emote Figurine + Eggs + Halloween Woobat Figures: $5.45 shipped

Oshawott Lot Items: $4.42 shipped

Axew Line Jewelry + Axew Egg: $5.45 shipped

Froslass Lot: $3.39 shipped - SOLD

Clay Figurines: $4.42 shipped for each one.
Sold: Cofagrigus
Tags: axew, buizel, chandelure, cherrim, cofagrigus, custom, cyndaquil, deino, eevee, froslass, haxorous, hydreigon, lilligant, milotic, munna, offers, oshawott, petilil, sales, sceptile, togekiss, woobat, yamask, zweilous
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