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Raichu Collection Update, Summer Edition

Hi, everyone! It's been almost half a year since my latest collection update as I've been quite busy with my studies. But now, summer vacation has finally started here in Finland, so it's time for a Raichu update at last. :) As always, feel free to ask any questions about the items if you're eager for details (as a Raichu collector or otherwise).

A Bandai trading card from eBay (or from the community, I'm not 100 % sure anymore ^^*). There's also a green version.

A Japanese sticker from caffwin.

An Amada sticker from caffwin.

A XY TCG card from eBay.

A reverse holo XY TCG card from eBay.

A Pokédex 3D Pro sticker from syminka.

A Battle Trozé (Link Battle) postcard from denkimouse. There's something a bit worrying about the floating Pokémon heads. :D

A Japanese gummy candy package from poliwhirl. The gummies were also yummy, although I couldn't really tell if grape and melon candies taste combined like strawberries... xp A bit over-the-top marketing, I guess.

A I <3 Pikachu + keychain plush from denkimouse. I haven't been purchasing Raichu plushies that often due to ridiculous international shipping costs (and custom fees), but I think I'll try and get the HQ plush from the same series as well.

A cookie tin from denkimouse. The friends with whom I shared the cookies loved both the tin and the cookies (as did I, of course).

A glow-in-the-dark wrist watch from helloskitty.

A Chu line pencil from helloskitty.

A tape (with a dispenser) from helloskitty.

That's it for now, until next time! :)

WANTED! Anyone here willing to sell me a Raichu HQ plush (the big one) from the I <3 Pikachu + line? I can offer 50 USD shipped.
Photo of the plush (by denkimouse)
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