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A very random [and biiiig] collection update!

Hi everyone!

I haven't posted any collection updates lately, despite receiving countless packages over the past two months [both from the community and deputies/eBay]. With an increasingly busy schedule consisting of hiatus preparations and getting phat l00t in WoW working, it's been hard to keep up with my collection. For the most part, packages were being dumped in a huge box to be sorted later.

HOWEVER. I've stayed up late a few nights this week so I could work on sorting out my items, both new additions and old ones, and I decided to compile a glimpse of what I've been working on and the task at hand I have yet to finish. Some of my collection Pokes may come as a surprise to some of you - they haven't been broadcast very widely, and I have a few oddities in my collection to add to the intrigue. Can any of you list five of my main collections? Hopefully by the time I finish rambling in this post, you'll have a better idea if you don't already. :D

As always, this post is extremely image-heavy, but I'll try to make it worth your while!

A few days ago, denkimouse had posted a meme for taking a theme photo featuring zukan figures. I had an idea for my photo, but my camera wasn't charged at the time so I couldn't submit anything. Late is better than never, I suppose. I'll let you guys decided on the theme - I can't remember what I had originally called it, but there's all sorts of ideas that could work with this. XP

This Slowpoke stamp is a very old purchase from juumou. Normally Slowpoke isn't high on my collection priority list, but it was too cute to resist. Also, I love this stamp. I doodle on EVERYTHING with it.

My most recent Sunyshore purchase included this Polywhirl coaster. So far I've been putting it to good use. I'm surprisingly fond of it. >_>

Here is part of one of my project collections - bell plushies! Granted, I don't have too many and I try to be selective, but god these are the cutest things ever. These four fellows start off my series of bell plushies with their original boxes still included. All of these came from denkimouse: the first three were recent purchases, while Sandshrew was my first bell plush won in one of her early bell plush auctions. Sandshrew is one of my favourites.

These three babies were lucky finds on Y!J and originally I only wanted to keep Mew, but after receiving all three I realized they were just too amazing to let go of.

And these are the last of my boxed bell plushies. Pikachu and Blastoise came from Y!J, while Moltres was purchased from lineaalba. She's a gorgeous plush. Blastoise on the other hand is cute in a grumpy, fat sort of way. XD

I recently adopted the Poli-family from Sunyshore, and these two guys are fanstastic, box or no box. Poliwag is adorable, and Poliwrath makes me laugh. He looks so angry!

Jigglypuff and chubby Pidgey were purchases from happyjolteon's last sales post. Pidgey was one of the last bell plush I wanted to buy, so I was sure to snatch it up. :D

And this lonesome Vulpix concludes my bell plush collection. She's special though. I won her in a lot of items off Y!J and discovered upon arrival that the stringy cord was missing. It doesn't appear to have been cut since there's no visible end, so maybe it just came out at one point? In either case, she's in excellent condition other than the missing cord, and soon enough I'll be printing boxes for those missing theirs, so no one will notice anyway. XD

Bell plush pile! They're all sitting there on my desk still, and every now and then I'll pick one up and the little jingle jingle makes me smile.

And while we're visiting my desk area, hello Chimecho wind chime grail! And hello Kuroneko! I have two Chimecho chimes, but I keep the mint one hanging beside me so he can flutter in the breeze coming through my window and make little noises for me now and again. The other has been used outdoors and will go outside next spring, hopefully.

Last night I found my Jirachi zukan and attempted to put it together. Jirachi has been my main collection since I became active here in the community last winter, and this zukan is really gorgeous. However, it's base and pieces are all made of rubber and there's one tiny problem...

THIS STUPID PART IS CURVED UPWARDS AND WON'T STAY CONNECTED LIKE IT SHOULD. I have spent about an hour's time on two separate occasions [last night and a few months ago] trying to fix this problem without resorting to a permanent glue or fixture. Sticky-tack doesn't work, trying to bend the piece back into shape doesn't work...I suppose it's destined to haunt me forever. =(

Speaking of zukan, here's my dedicated zukan cubby, with a new Miltank in the front line. If you're wondering what happened to my second zukan shelf that was there a while back, well...there was a little accident about a month ago.

Right now the rest of my assembled zukan sets have been moved to a temporary resting place, in the cubby underneath the main shelf.

Here they are, the rest of my older collection pieces and a few of the newer ones I had assembled before the accident. What happened was that the glass shelf dividing the main cubby fell out of place and all of the zukan slid off the shelf, onto the floor and all sorts of places. One lonely Ralts zukan has never been found [a replacement is in the works] but the rest were thankfully found unharmed.

The zukan I've received and haven't opened or assembled have been piling up, and this has become their storage container. I don't think I'll be able to fit anymore in here, so I'll have to reinstall the glass shelf before the new batch from pacificpikachu's zukan auction arrive. I can't wait to display the rest of them; some of the more rarer sets I've gotten lately are tucked away in there!

Oh, and I'm using this TCG tin as storage for my kids' boxes and various assorted inserts. It's quite full at the moment, but luckily I don't expect too many more boxes will have to squeezed in. XD

Time for some random Pokemon Center items! This charming tin features Pokedoll art that I absolutely adore! This view features Jirachi, but the other sides can be seen here and here. :D

This was a unique find: a Jirachi Pokedoll figure! It's actually a pretty decent size, a little larger than most kids figures, and it's adorable. ^_^

And there's nothing better than reaching for a tissue and seeing Chimecho grin at me. XD This is a Kleenex box sleeve also from the Pokemon Center [apparently there was a line of household merchandise featuring this artwork as well]. I was afraid it'd be a different size than the boxes here, but it fits perfectly. The reverse side has art of Pikachu, Treecko, and Rayquaza.

The elusive bathsalts Jirachi was purchased from another member here in the community, as well and the Espeon figure that's a significantly older purchase. Normally I don't collect Eeveelutions [I kind of do, but that's for another post to discuss XD] but she was too cute to resist. So tiny, and so chubby!

I've decided that my kids collection will be reduced down to the select Pokemon I collect on a significant level, and my current goal is to obtain at least one clear of every kid in addition to it's regular figure/s. I was ecstatic to find the clear Roserade especially - she's probably my favourite D/P generation Pokemon, but there's so little merchandise. Clear Smoochum is a beauty, and cost a pretty penny too - but it was well worth it. :D

The DX Giratina came with my latest Sunyshore order, and clear Giratina arrived with the clears above a few weeks ago.

And here is DX Shaymin [also from Sunyshore] and the movie 11 Shaymin kid. I like to pretend that I'm the little angry Shaymin, and the DX Shaymin with the blank stare is my mother ignoring whatever it is I'm ranting about. [And that happens quite a bit, so it really does work!]

For something completely different, clear Giratina decided to play horsie with DX Shaymin. Neither of them look pleased.

And that's all for now, folks! There's plenty more to share [and more items on the way D8] but I think this is a good sampling for one post. XD All of my figures are in boxes waited to be sorted further. My newest plush arrivals are being stored here for the time being:

That is, until I can get them arranged one of these days. XD Oh, and a lot of my newest Shaymins and Giratinas, they wouldn't fit so I had to put them here:

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