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Auction Results and Payment needed

Hey guys! Thanks so much for bidding on my auctions.

I have a list here of who got what and who owes what.

eknock - Articuno $10
deadfishie - PAID Thanks!
chaosoftwilight - PAID Thanks!
heenz - Entei, Dialga Zukan - $14
zachary_sparkle - PAID Thanks!
blackjackrocket - Chatot Zukan - $6
ashketchumgirl - PAID Thanks!
chronidu - PAID Thanks!
phaethon - PAID Thanks!
dorkemon - Yanma/Yanmega - $9

All payments can be made to me at lor[at] Make sure to put your username in the notes and what you got. And please don't be alarmed when paying. My paypal is registered under my business name... so it will say L.Beard Photography. You are in the right account! haha

Thanks guys!
For those who pay over the weekend, I will be shipping out Monday or Tuesday... If you wish to pay anyway other than paypal, shoot me a message and we will work it out!

Also Mods, could I get a section for feedback? I want to start building mine up! Thanks!!!!
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